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For ten years we have been creating top quality furniture that stands out for original design, functionality and durability. We are Manufacturer Company of upholstered furniture. Combining modern design with unique form, our products reach into various interiors, giving them a sublime taste and unique charm.

Furniture is our passion. In our offer there is a range of upholstered furniture ranging from couches and armchairs, chairs to the kitchens, living rooms and conference rooms, benches, poufs, chests, or bar stools. We also execute orders prepared on the basis of individual client's project. The functionality and style of our furniture works not only in the privacy of the home. We also cater to the needs of business clients.

Krzesło AUGUSTO, pagani 11 (2) (Copy)Krzesło AUGUSTO, pagani 11 (1) (Copy)

Augusto Chair

Augusto chair – this is a model from the new Perl Lusso collection, which premiered at the Cologne Imm Cologne 2018 fair. This model is very unique and unique, not only because of the notch in the back, but mainly due to the fact that it has upholstered legs. It is a piece of furniture fully upholstered. As the finishing of the seat, a trimming was used. The whole looks perfect. The best quality material was used for production, thanks to which this model is highly appreciated by our clients.

– The standard version of the chair has turned, upholstered legs in the Scandinavian style.

Pufa Bella, gloss velvet 1211 (2) (Copy)Pufa Bella, gloss velvet 1211 (3) (Copy)

Bella Pouf

Pufa Bella – This is a model from the new Perl Lusso collection, which premiered at the Cologne Imm Cologne 2018 fair. It is a very shapely and unique piece of furniture with shapely dimensions. The element that definitely distinguishes this model is the golden frame in gloss, on which the seat rests. In addition, the seat of the pouf is made with attention to every detail. Bella will surely appeal to customers with tasteful tastes. This model is ideally suited to the hall, but also perfectly fulfills the role of a modern footrest.

– Standard version of the pouf has a smooth seat, and a golden metal frame in gloss.

Fotel Caprice, french velvet 652 (2) (Copy)Fotel Caprice, french velvet 652 (1) (Copy)

Caprice Armchair

Caprice Armchair – model from the Perl Lusso collection. The furniture will blend in with original arrangements in which it will become the main decoration. The chair is quite built-up, however, thanks to a fairly narrow base, the whole looks light and tasteful. Comfortable backrest and practical armrests allow for regenerative rest and provide maximum comfort during use. The chair is located on turned stable legs in the Scandinavian style, which guarantee stability and durability of the structure – Caprice will certainly serve us a long time.

– The standard version of the chair has turned legs in the Scandinavian style.

– The presented model in the picture has a black leg fixing.

Sofa INDIGO III, pagani 11 (1) (Copy)Sofa INDIGO III, pagani 11 (2) (Copy)

Indigo III Sofa

Sofa Indigo III – This is a model from the Perl Lusso collection, which premiered at the Cologne Imm Cologne 2018 fair. It has a unique form that makes it impossible to pass by it indifferently. The sofa has a carefully contoured backrest. On the inside of the backrest and on the inside of the armrests there are vertical stitching that give this model an unprecedented and original look. The back of the backrest is smooth. The sofa is placed on metal legs in gold. The sofa seat is filled with corrugated springs, making it very soft and comfortable. This model will be the perfect solution for the living room, hotel, and waiting room.

– The standard version has vertical stitching and metal legs in golden color.

Krzesło Matylda, french velvet 662 (2) (Krzesło Matylda, french velvet 662 (1) (Copy)

Matylda Chair

Matylda Chair – this is a model from the new Perla Lusso collection. This model is extremely stylish and elegant, which will appeal to many people with different tastes. This piece of furniture will work in the most diverse interiors. It can be a perfect solution for modern and designer arrangements, which will add a lot of style and timeless elegance, as well as those more classically decorated, in which it will be a spectacular addition. Matilda is available in many different colors, each of which will choose something suitable for himself. This is a tasteful piece of furniture, and also very practical. Will work in the dining room, restaurant or cafe. Everywhere will allow for a pleasant meal or a cup of coffee. The chair was made very carefully from high quality materials. Thanks to this, it is very durable and stable. For sure it will serve for a long time.

– The standard version of the chair has vertical stitching on the back.

– The presented model in the picture has black legs with golden tips as an addition.

Featured products

Fotel Florida, eren 1, 8 ciemny orzech, tasiemka pineskowa (1)Fotel Florida, eren 1, 8 ciemny orzech, tasiemka pineskowa (2)

Florida Armchair

Florida Armchair is surprising with own simplicity and minimalism. Such piece of furniture is made from materials of high quality that is why it is incredibly soft and comfortable. It fits for modern flats, salons and restaurants.

– The standard version has got a decorative roller, curved armrests and quilting with four buttons.

– Model presented in the picture has tape with thumbtacks as an addition.

Fotel Lavard, french velvet 682, czane nogi + zlote końce (2) (Copy)Fotel Lavard, french velvet 682, czane nogi + zlote końce (1) (Copy)

Lavard Armchair

Lavard armchair is an innovative and modern model. It has an unusual form that attracts attention.  The seat with the backrest creates one whole. It rests on thin turned legs in the Scandinavian style. It has been designed with precision and for the most demanding clients. It will be a spectacular addition in most interiors.

fotel liviaFotel Livia (7)

Livia Armchair

Armchair Livia is a beautiful piece of furniture that will decorate any interior with its appearance. A characteristic element of this chair are high legs in the scandi style. The back of the back is decorated with trimming, the front is smooth. A wide selection of fabric colors and wood colors will make it unique and unique.

The backrest adapts perfectly to the back.

* COMFORTABLE! This is a model from the new collection.

Sofa Uszak III, french velvet 682, 6 czarny, z guzikami w kolorze tkaninySofa Uszak III, french velvet 682, 6 czarny (2) (Copy)

Uszak III Sofa

Sofa Uszak III is a larger version of Uszak only this time available for three people. It is distinguished by its appearance from other furniture, it attracts attention. The sofa is very comfortable, made of the best quality materials. The high-elastic foam used in it increases comfort while sitting.

– in the standard version has buttons

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