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Modern pink velor sofa on wooden legs LolaSofa trzyosobowa z wałkami do salonu Lola
Lola sofa
Szara sofa PumaSzara sofa rozkładana do salonu Puma
Sofa Puma
Brązowa sofa stanfordModern sofa for living room Stanford
Sofa Stanford
Palmieri Sofa III
Beżowa sofa w stylu skandynawskim Aldo IIBeige two-seater sofa Aldo II
Aldo II Sofa
Modern pink sofa for waiting room Aldo IIISofa różowa nowoczesna do poczekalni na złotych nogach Aldo III
Aldo sofa III
Alvin Sofa
Armchair for the Poppy modular sofa
Armchair for the SOFIA modular sofa
Benny 180 Sofa
Benny 215 Sofa
Light gray Bergamo living room sofaModern gray sofa for living room Bergamo
Bergamo Sofa
Sofa dwuosobowa chesterfield BogartSzara sofa w stylu chesterfield Bogart
Bogart Sofa
Sofa szara nowoczesna welurowa do salonu na zlotych nogach CaboSofa szara welurowa nowoczesna do salonu na złotych nogach Cabo
Cabo Sofa
Corner for the GRAND modular sofa
Corner for the ROYAL modular sofa (Kopia)
Grand Left Chaise Longue
Grand Right Chaise Longue
Hugo III Sofa
Indigo III Sofa
Modern beige sofa on golden legs Italia IIIModern beige sofa on golden legs Italia III
Italia III Sofa
Sofa LiverpoolNowoczesna sofa trzyosobowa do salonu kremowa Liverpool
Liverpool Sofa
Lotus Left Chaise Longue
Lotus Right Chaise Longue
Nowoczesna szara kanapa do salonu MarbellaSzara sofa trzyosobowa do salonu Marbella
Marbella Sofa
Monte Carlo Sofa
Sofa różowa welurowa nowoczesna na drewnianych nogach Noa
Noa Sofa
Sofa PanamaGranatowa sofa nierozkładana do salonu Panama
Panama Sofa
Pouf for the ROYAL modular sofa
Pouf for the SOFIA modular sofa
Rollins sofaRollins glamor beige sofa
Rollins Sofa
Roma III sofa
Sofa SingridSofa dwuosobowa nierozkładana do salonu Singrid
Sigrid Armchair
Simple element for the GRAND modular sofa
Simple element for the ROYAL modular sofa
Sofa LaraLara cream living room sofa
Sofa Lara
Sofa Lolita II
Sofa Lolita III
A sofa with a sleeping function and a container for bedding LorisLoris navy blue sofa bed for the living room
Sofa Loris
Straight element for the Poppy modular sofa
Straight left element for the ROYAL modular sofa (Kopia)
Straight left element for the SOFIA modular sofa
Straight left element for the TEDDY modular sofa
Straight right element for the LOTUS modular sofa
Straight right element for the SOFIA modular sofa
Straight right element for the TEDDY modular sofa

DomArtStyl – Manufacturer of Sofas and Upholstered Couches

There are many upholstery companies on the market, but we are: DOMARTSTYL – a manufacturer of upholstered sofas and couches, we enjoy the greatest trust among customers. We use the best quality materials for the production of furniture. We do not use cheap fakes. As a result, our furniture will serve for years.

As a manufacturer of upholstered sofas, we quickly gained sympathy among large companies by meeting deadlines, excellent quality and, of course, a good price. Individual customers are also treated very specially by us, our customer service department is always happy to help and advise. Everyone receives an answer to the question asked. Some people call us a manufacturer of upholstered couches, it is of course also a good description of what we do.

The upholstered sofas that we manufacture are very original. We do not want to produce a sofa that everyone has, but the one that nobody has. At first glance, the sofa resembles a large armchair, it is quite low, soft, comfortable and wide. It is perfect for interiors such as an office, study room, waiting room or a house where no additional sleeping space is needed, because it is not foldable.

Upholstered couches are pieces of furniture that we approach with special attention because we combine two functions: comfort while sitting and comfort while sleeping.

The couches are very functional, not only do they look nice, they usually have the function of folding out, so that, if necessary, you can always have overnight guests. The couch can be double, triple or quadruple. It’s a bit heavier than sofas, taller and a bit harder.

Custom-made couches – this is an option in which we can modify them according to our needs, e.g. change legs, upholstery. Exactly the same is the case with custom-made sofas.