Bar stools

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Hoker w stylu industrialnym w pepitke RomeoNowoczesny żółty hoker na czarnych metalowych nogach Romeo
Romeo Bar Stool
Cassy, upholstered bar stool, grey colour, black wooden legs, Chesterfield StyleCassy, upholstered bar stool, grey colour, black wooden legs, Chesterfield Style
Cassy Barstool
Bar Stool without backrest modern with an additional pin ribbon
Narrow Bar Stool without backrest
Madam Bar stool
Straight Bar Stool, kronos 34, 7 venge (7)
Straight Bar Stool with backrest
Narrow Bar Stool
Chanel Bar Stool
Jack Bar Stool

DOMARTSTYL – Producer of Upholstered Stools

As a manufacturer of upholstered stools, we focus on original design. Your modern kitchen or dining room equipped with our bar stools will surely impress you with its unique style. They are very practical and convenient, and they quickly win the favor of all users. Stools were one of the first pieces of furniture we started to produce, we have a great fondness for them. Our new designs will surely catch your eye. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer.

The bar stools that we produce are made in a modern and stylish way. Always with the highest quality materials. We strive to ensure comfort and convenience. Bar stools fit perfectly into public utility interiors. Also in the house in the kitchen on the island, they will find themselves perfectly. Every client will be pleased. When you go to the bar, everyone will be happy to sit on them, relax after a whole week of work, relax … Wherever you need a good look and a sense of taste, bar stools from our company will be perfect.