Entrusted fabrics

How to proceed in the case of ENTRUSTED FABRIC?

The amount of the entrusted fabric is each time determined with the Customer Service Office and sent to the warehouse address: Szklarka Mielęcka 7, 63-600 Kępno with the note name and surname of the ordering party and the order number, along with: – the name of the entrusted fabric, – marking the right side of the material, if it is in doubt.

The number of running meters given by BOK applies to smooth material with a usable width of 140 cm (without edges that cannot be used).

Fabrics should be shipped in one piece. Remnants of fabric are not returned. In the case of striped fabrics, specify whether they are to be arranged vertically or horizontally on the piece of furniture. Patterned fabrics are not placed on the piece of furniture, the pattern is not matched to the pattern. DomArtStyl is not responsible for the quality of the sent fabric, which determines the final appearance of the furniture.

With a large amount of furniture ordered in the entrusted fabric, we reserve the right to make one piece for trial in order to assess the quality and behavior of the material on a given piece of furniture.

We inform you about the defects of the material that you have sen by e-mail.

DomArtStyl reserves the right to refuse to make a specific model of furniture in the entrusted fabric, when it cannot be used for technical reasons.