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Upholstered Chairs

They can be straight, narrow and slanted – these are the three basic types of chairs. But if you want to stand out, choose originality…

They used to be ordinary simple upholstered chairs, now you will not pass by them indifferently. Don’t buy chairs like everyone else. Do you care about uniqueness? Our chairs are just like that. Louis style legs or Chesterfield quilting are just some of the suggestions. We offer upholstered chairs made of the best fabrics, suitable for public premises and perfectly fulfilling their function at home. We have a wide range of accessories that will make the selected chair original and unique.

Upholstered chairs – it is thanks to them that DomArtStyl has gained popularity and trust among customers. Each chair is carefully made, we guarantee the best quality of our furniture. The offer includes many different models, ranging from simple and standard to stylish, suitable for luxurious interiors. We try to satisfy the most demanding tastes and focus on originality. We create new models every day. Our chairs go a long way before they reach your homes. Each of them undergoes a multitude of quality checks before being approved for production.