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Fotel Jay, victoria 88, 6 czarny (2)Fotel Jay, victoria 88, 6 czarny (1)

Jay Armchair

Jay armchair is a beautifully and exquisitely made model that brings to mind classic armchairs. It is a very comfortable piece of furniture due to the wide seat equipped with corrugated springs. It has a backrest with slightly rounded edges and wide armrests bent slightly outside. The front of the armrests has been decorated with a soft wrinkle with a button. The whole armchair is supported on wooden Louise legs.

– standard version of the armchair is smooth

fotel jay chesterfieldFotel Jay chesterfield

Jay Chesterfield Armchair

Jay Chesterfield armchair is a magnificent and extremely beautiful piece of furniture that draws attention to the chesterfield style that is made on the backrest. It has a wide and comfortable seat, in which corrugated springs are used. It has slightly bent armrests to the outside, with a subtle embellishment at the front ending with a button. The wide back with slightly rounded edges guarantees great comfort while sitting. It works well in private interiors, as well as restaurants and cafes.

– Standard version of the armchair has chesterfield quilting on the backrest.

FotFotel Nora z guzikami w stylu klasycznym

Nora Armchair with buttons

Nora Armchair whith buttons is a classic and elegant model of an armchair, which is decorated with square quilting and buttons. It is an extremely comfortable piece of furniture due to the springs used on the base. It has armrests located on the optimal height for the hands, which increase the comfort of rest. It is a perfect proposition for private interiors and public places.

– standard version of armchair has stitching with buttons on the back.

Fotel Chesterfield kids, french velvet 674, mahońFotel Chesterfield kids, french velvet 674, mahoń (1)

Chesterfield Kids Armchair

Chesterfiled Kids armchair is a perfect proposition for children’s room. This armchair is a miniature version of chesterfield armchairs and sofas. It has a chesterfield quilting on the back and inner sides, which gives it a very rich look. The backrest and armrests are bent outwards. There is a cushion on the seat. Corrugated springs were used in it. The chair has got small, round legs.

– the standard version has got chesterfield quilting

Greta, french velvet 674 (1)Greta, french velvet 674 (3)

Greta Pouf

Greta Pouf is an extremely unusual and unique piece of furniture that will be a perfect decoration to many interiors. The seat and sides of the pouf are in the square shape. Each side has an interesting hole in the shape of a cross, the edges of which have been decoreted with a pin tape. Due to its small size, it is a very handy piece of furniture. Its sophisticated form will satisfy everyone who likes unusual solutions.

– standard version of pouf has pin tape

Atrakcyjny Fotel KingFotel King, primo 8804, patyna czarna (1)

King Armchair

Armchair King from chesterfield “family” is not small. That is why it will work in bigger interiors. It will suit perfectly living rooms, halls and even waiting rooms. The seat has a highly elastic foam which guarantee comfort while sitting. The colour of legs and fabric is optional.

-The standard version of the armchair has chesterfield quilting on the backrest and piping.

Fotel Nora wFotel Nora w stylu klasycznym

Nora Armchair

Nora armchair is a classic at its best. Its design is characterized by elegance and simplicity. The backrest which is finished with armrests allows for comfortable laying of hands, and a thick seat equipped with corrugated springs ensures great comfort for the user. Such classic armchair will work in many interiors because of its timeless form – in the office, the living room, as well as the restaurant or cafe.

– standard version of the armchair is smooth

Sofa Victoria II, tkanina powierzona, 6 czarny (1)Sofa Victoria II, tkanina powierzona, 6 czarny (2)

Victoria II Sofa

Sofa Victoria II invites you to sit on it. This is a very charming model with wooden, wide, comfortable and simple legs. A precisely contoured backrest with slightly rounded seat and armrests falling forward give a royal rest. Its a great offer for a cafe, pub or salon.

Standard version of the pouf has thumbtack tape.

Krzesło Alexa, trinity 03, 6 czarny (2)Krzesło Alexa, trinity 03, 6 czarny (1)

Alexa Chair

Alexa chair is extremely delicate and subtle, has vertical stitching on the inside and outside part of the backrest. It was made of the best quality materials.The style of the chair is maintained in the Scandinavian style.

We have a wide selection of fabrics and colors of legs

Krzesło Rollback dubaj DomArtStylKrzesło Rollback dubaj DomArtStyl

Rollback Chair

Chair Rollback Premium is a piece of furniture in a classical style. It is very well-shaped, convenient and comfortable. It looks good in every interior. It is suitable for a desk, dining room and restaurant. Thanks to the wide range of fabrics available on our website, everyone will certainly choose something appropriate for themselves.

– the chair in standard version has quilitng with buttons, a roller on the back and slanting seat.

Super opportunity!
The time of realization of the order: 14 working days with a margin +/- 4 working days.

Fotel Apollo TRINITY 19Fotel Apollo TRINITY 19

Apollo Armchair

Apollo Armchair is a perfect offer for those who appreciate classical and simple style. Its optimal size makes it an ideal addition for a café, conference hall, waiting room or studio. Its interesting elements are short armrests which ends  in front of the seat.