Larissa Armchair black frame


The furniture can be made only in velvet fabrics.

-When ordering more products, we reserve the possibility of differences in the colors of the metal bases due to their different batches.

Please consult the possibility of making a piece of furniture in a given fabric with the Customer Service Office.

Furniture can be slightly different than that one on the photo.

W związku z okresem przedświątecznym termin realizacji zamówień ulegnie wydłużeniu do 26 dni roboczych z marginesem +/- 4 dni robocze. Przerwa świąteczna nastąpi od 24 grudnia 2021 r. do 2 stycznia 2022 r. W tym terminie nie będą realizowane zamówienia.

In the case of ordering the same products later again, we reserve the possibility of differences in the colors of the metal bases, wood colors and upholstery materials, due to their different batches. It is also possible that changes in the dimensions of the product, materials used for production, decorative and movable elements and others, resulting from the necessity to eliminate the defects of the furniture, may occur. Metal frames are not completely smooth, uniform. Joints of welds may be visible and there may be irregularities or minor defects in the structure on the surface.

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Tolerance dimensions +/- 2cm

Additional information

Overall height

80 cm

Seat height

49 cm

Overall width

63 cm

Seat width

44 cm

Overall depth

55 cm

Seat depth

42 cm


8,5 kg