Jump Narrow Armchair

Jump Armchair is very nice and simple. It is upholstered, comfortable and stable piece of furniture. Also such armchair has got slanted armrests and straight legs. Jump Armchair is perfect for lounges, restaurants, hotels,dining rooms and modern offices.

* Such model as is presented at the photo has got a tape and a knocker.

Furniture can be slightly different than that one on the photo.

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Additional information

Overall height

84 / 98 / 107 cm

Seat height

49 cm

Overall width

60 cm

Seat width

50 cm

Overall depth

61 / 66 / 69 cm

Seat depth

42 cm


solid beech wood


highly elastic foam very high density

Możliwe dodatki za dopłatą

Buttons / Imitation of Swarovskie stones, Knocker, Legs in colours: white, silver, golden and patin colours, Legs in Ludwik Style, Piping / Tape with thumbtacks, Quilting / Stitching, Undercutting legs


9 / 11 / 12 kg

Tolerance +/- 2 cm