Nico III sofa

336,50 Brutto

The Nico III sofa is distinguished by its elegant design and high quality workmanship, making it a perfect choice for those who value not only aesthetics, but also functionality and comfort.

The round shapes of the sofa combined with the boucle fabric give the furniture a luxurious feel and add a unique style to the room.

The Nico III sofa is functional and comfortable to use, making it an ideal choice for people who not only like beauty, but also practicality and durability of furniture.

The availability of the sofa in different colours and fabric variants allows you to match your individual preferences and interior style, creating a coherent arrangement with other furniture and accessories.

Thanks to its different dimensions and configurations, it can be used in a variety of rooms.

And if you need more space for guests, the Nico III sofa can be combined with the smaller Nico II sofa to create a harmonious and stylish furniture set.

* The furniture in the picture is made in bouclé weaving (at an extra cost).

The furniture presented in the photos is made of illustrative fabrics (also other than Riviera).

The furniture presented in the pictures is made in illustrative fabrics (also other than Riviera fabric). In order to buy a piece of furniture, you must choose the color of the material and the color of the wood, if the piece of furniture has wooden legs.

  • Overall height:

    80 cm

  • Seat height:

    44 cm

  • Overall width:

    180 cm

  • Seat width:

    160 cm

  • Overall depth:

    72 cm

  • Seat depth:

    58 cm

Tolerance dimensions +/- 3 cm
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Important informations

In the case of adding subsequent products, we reserve the possibility of differences in the colours of the metal bases, wood colours and upholstery materials due to their different batches. It is also possible that changes may occur in the dimensions of the product, materials used for production, decorative and movable elements and others resulting from the need to eliminate defects in the furniture.

In the case of a large number of pieces of furniture ordered in the entrusted fabric or in the case of doubts as to the possibility of manufacturing a given model in the sent fabric, we reserve the right to make one piece on trial in order to assess the possibility of manufacturing the furniture, quality and material behaviour on a given piece of furniture. We reserve the right to refuse an order in the entrusted fabric at any stage of production if for technical reasons it cannot be used.

The colours presented in the photos and in the samples are demonstrative and may differ from the actual colours depending on the monitor settings. Colour variations between production batches are permissible.

Metal frames are not completely smooth and uniform. Weld seams may be visible and there may be irregularities in the surface or slight defects in the structure.