The 5 most popular patterns which define style

June 6, 2022


In rooms decorated in the English style, flowers “come out” from vases and decorate armchairs, sofas, chairs, curtains and bedspreads. If we do not want to overdo it with portraying the garden in our own home, let’s decide on one floral pattern and match it with white, gray or pastels.


The lattice is uneven – sometimes elegant, and sometimes a bit rustic, reminiscent of home and a kitchen where mom bakes a fragrant bun. The history of the lattice is very long, although this pattern did not make such a great career in interior design as it did in fashion. Cushions, bedspreads, and lattice upholstery are well known to fans of English, but also rustic and French styles. Which lattice we choose have a great importance – a classic Scottish lattice or a tiny Vichy lattice will warm the interior and give it a home coziness, while the Burberry-style lattice is the pinnacle of elegance, which will be a tasteful accent in very chic, even luxurious places. The lattice is best combined with single-color elements, although someone, including fans of the English style, even combine it with flowers.


Before 1947 when Christian Dior wrapped Miss Dior perfumes in a box with a houndstooth pattern, a pattern that appeared, among others, on the tweed rugs used by Scottish shepherds. It was only in the 19th and 20th centuries that houndstooth began to be associated with luxury and elegance. Houndstooth is timeless and is a strong accent, both as an element of clothing and an interior design element. If we choose furniture upholstered with a houndstooth fabric, be careful when choosing the number of accompanying colors. By combining it with one color repeated on selected elements of the room, we will get an interior decorated with taste and idea, but if we try to sneak a different pattern next to it, from a stylish room, we will accidentally make a collection of random items.


White and navy blue stripes take us to a luxury yacht sailing on a sunny day in the Mediterranean Sea. Direction? France, because this is where Coco Chanel launched the nautical style. From clothes, belts, anchors and sailor ropes moved into the rooms. White furniture in the dining room, living room or bedroom will beautifully complement furniture upholstered in striped fabric. In addition, a wooden anchor on the wall and you can go on a cruise every day!


The dots are associated with fashion, the 40s and 50s and the pin-up style. The fashion origin of this pattern should not confuse those who find it difficult to imagine a polka dot wall or a fancy set of chairs or other furniture, upholstered with a charming rash of dots. There can be many ideas for a dotted pattern. Large, colorful “dots” will suit both a very modern living room and a room for a child at school age. On the other hand, small polka dots on a contrasting background will add style to the living room or dining room, previously dominated by consistent colors and smooth fabrics. The principle is similar to the other patterns – do not cover the dots with other patterns, thanks to which chairs, a sofa or an armchair decorated with this pattern will be a real dot over the “i” in the space in which you live.