Get the Uszak!

June 8, 2022

Among the various types of armchairs, the Uszak definitely stands out for its comfort. Due to the fact that it is tall, it is an excellent support for our spines. The characteristic ears, which make an ordinary armchair become the Uszak armchair, are an additional structural element on which you can and should support your head after a hard day full of duties.

Uszak is a perfect piece of furniture for all leisure rooms. It will work both in the bedroom and in the living room, or as well in a home library.

The ability to completely adapt the Uszak to your expectations makes it even more special. You can choose from almost any color or pattern. Mint, coral, cobalt, navy stripes or houndstooth – colorful Uszaks will bring life to any place. Freedom applies not only to the pattern, but also the type of upholstery material – it can be soft, it can have quilting, and you can also choose natural leather, popular and liked by many. In addition, if you want to enjoy the comfort for two of you, you can also buy a double-seated Uszak or add a footrest to your beloved armchair, thanks to which your position will be even more relaxing.

This armchair is a great idea to complement the interior design of a restaurant or cafe. Certainly, all guests of the restaurant will fight for a place on the Uszak and rarely will the chair be free. After all, probably each of us remembers the upholstered sofa in the Central Perk cafe from the series “Friends”. The very sight of it was associated with relaxation, rest, fun and a nice time.

It is similar with the Uszak – in a restaurant, cafe or confectionery it can act as a magnet for regular customers, and at home, apartment or office it will allow you to recharge the batteries for the next day of challenges.