Furniture unlike any other

May 31, 2022

DomArtStyl is a company that has been producing upholstered furniture since 2007. For years we have been cooperating with restaurants, pubs and hotels. The company’s furniture is a permanent element of the scenery of many films, series, journalistic and entertainment programs broadcast by Polish TV stations.

The programs in which they appeared as a supporting character include, for example, “Good morning TVN”, “A question for breakfast” or “24 hours”.

Who are the company’s customers?

DomArtStyl furniture is produced for both business and individual customers from all over Poland and abroad.

The company supplies furniture to:

  • private houses and flats,
  • cafes, pastry shops, restaurants,
  • hotels, we also equip guest houses, conference rooms, etc.

The manufacturer’s offer includes upholstered furniture such as: chairs, armchairs, pouffes, benches, stools, sofas, couches and dens for animals.

Why DomArtStyl? After all, there are so many manufacturers …

The company emphasizes its unique offer with many elements. Firstly, it is evidenced by a wide selection of fabrics, accessories and wood colors. Another element is the approach of the company’s employees to the production of furniture – with passion and commitment, as they say themselves:

– We want to be the best at what we do. High quality, professionalism and precision of production are our way of winning the customer.

DomArtStyl is a furniture manufacturer available to everyone. The company guarantees quality, design and comfort at the highest level.