Dinner with Ludwik

April 13, 2022

About Ludwik style we talked in the context of furniture created in France during the reign of kings named Ludwik. When thron of France was hosted by the next Ludwik the palace and residence grew up and became more rich.

The originality and distinctiveness of Ludwik’s aesthetics has changed the interior design to such an extent that to this day, calling something “Ludwik”, we meet with understanding. The proper association with Ludwik furniture is splendor. The most extreme, with carvings and gildings, refers to the Baroque period of Ludwik XIV, the Sun King, when the art and architecture of the mansion was of political importance as it raised the prestige of the kingdom.

In the days of Louis XV, in the French Rococo period, furniture took on a slightly lighter form. It was then that the character was characterized by an elongated S-shape, kabriol legs, sometimes with a ball, or a puffed foot or claw.

Modern upholstered furniture made in the Ludwik style preserves the antiques, but unlike their ancestors, they do not discourage pomp and excessive decorations.

Chairs and armchairs with bent legs are not reserved only in palace interiors. Furniture that is made in Baroque style often appear in living rooms, dining rooms, our houses and also in stylish restaurant. Such furniture is made from nice in touch and beautiful fabric which are access in many colors, patterns which match at modern interiors too.

Popular on countryard Ludwik XIV stools on which sits high born lady to accompany king today have got worthy successor – also elegant but more comfortable poufs. To French history establishes also modern today Ludwik armchairs – depth with increased backrest – but rarely they are separated from seat with a gap.

Glamor, wealth and excess of decorations have been left in the museum. Modernly designed furniture in the style of the Loui is made with taste and unmistakable in the seventeenth century France. Find this out by getting to know our offer of upholstered furniture.