Choosing the right sofa for the office

May 24, 2022

Buying furniture that fits in your office space is not the easiest task. Modern sofas, especially if they are to emphasize the character and style of the office, should correspond to the current trends in furniture fashion, have a special style that will match the image of our company. Stylish office sofas are a kind of showcase of the company.

What is the principle of choice?

If you are buying for the first time, it is better to follow a few tips that will answer the question: “How to choose a sofa?”. First of all, the sofa must be solid. This is a guarantee that the piece of furniture will last for more than two or three years. Remember that the sofa in the office will be heavily used. Therefore, we choose a piece of furniture of a manufacturer that will guarantee that the product will be durable and, despite intensive use, will not quickly lose its original factory properties. The dimensions should be sufficient for comfort, but not too large so as not to take up useful work space. The practical aspect is also important. The cover of the sofa should be quite practical and easy to clean, as the sofa will be used frequently by many people. In terms of workmanship, natural wood is the preferred material for the frame. Natural wood products attract the attention of visitors and give the interior a luxurious effect. The only drawback is the high cost. An alternative is a metal base. It looks equally presentable, and at the same time it is more practical and reliable. As for the upholstery, it can be real leather or upholstery made of various fabrics.

Sofa construction

The sofa consists not only of a frame and an outer upholstery fabric, but also an inner filling. The foam is cheaper but less durable. More expensive options include latex. Models with several layers of filler are a good solution. The presence of springs significantly affects the cost and quality, but at the same time, each visitor will feel the difference between the models with and without springs. Upholstered furniture is always an excellent choice. At work, there is no need for furniture with a folding mechanism. From the point of view of saving work space, it is recommended to arrange sofas for two people. If the room allows and there is a need, you can buy models designed for three or four people.


The location of the sofa is extremely important. This piece of furniture should be opposite the window if it is to be placed in our main office. If the sofa is located in reception rooms or waiting rooms, the boss’s door should be easily visible from it. In conference rooms, seated people should see people arriving. Nearby, it is recommended to arrange coffee tables with lamps, as well as several armchairs of the same style, which complement the overall look.

When choosing a sofa for the office, remember that it is primarily designed to provide comfort to our guests, customers and business partners. Here you need to find the right balance between comfort and the effect of the look of the sofa. Therefore, the purchase of this furniture for the office should be treated as a kind of investment in the company’s image.