A glamor-style lounge

May 30, 2022

The interior of the living room decorated in a glamor style often looks like from a Hollywood movie and can shine and surprise with its splendor. However, in order to achieve the right effect, which will be reminiscent of the times of Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn, we must carefully choose glamor-style living room furniture and choose the right, elegant accessories for them. Otherwise, we are doomed only to the effect of cheap kitsch.

Modern glamor furniture refers to the styles that became famous thanks to Hollywood paintings from the 1940s and 1950s. The beginnings of such arranged interiors, with the living room as the main room, should be sought among the then movie stars who focused on wealth and extravagance when designing their homes and their interiors. Beautiful bedrooms with huge beds had to appear in this scenery. There were also wide sofas, large mirrors, phenomenal glass, crystal chandeliers and, of course, a bottle of perfect champagne.

Contemporary glamor style arrangement is not so focused on splendor, but still a living room in this style will look phenomenal and rich. The sofa and armchairs are a very important place in the living room. They should be characterized by an exuberant design and at the same time minimize the design. Next to each other, there may be pieces of furniture introducing splendor into the living room, while others should be light. Contrast and the apparent “conflict” of styles is recommended in glamor. The textures and materials of the living room furniture are very important. They should be of high quality, preferably shimmering, if the fabrics are heavy and fleshy and their colors should be saturated. There is also no question of choosing random pieces of furniture and mixing them with those that belong to other arrangements. Randomness is not a feature of glamor style. Of course, the colors are important. Glamor is a large amount of pink and purple shades, but the interior of the living room cannot be completely dominated by these colors. It is advisable to use expressive, saturated colors such as burgundy, navy blue or bottle green, or white as the base color. The most important thing is that the colors used in a glamor-style living room are not, in the opinion of the viewer, common. Interiors in this style also require the use of glass and crystals. Metal elements should also appear. This is, for example, about steel. This condition is perfectly fulfilled by bar stools that can be placed around the table top. The living room should also include flowers, lamps, chandeliers, candles, vases and paintings in frames.