5 features of the perfect chair

June 8, 2022

In the category of restaurant chairs, there is no shortage of bunks that condemn restaurant owners to unnecessary costs of replacing furniture due to rapid wear and tear. However, if, when choosing chairs, you pay attention to 5 important features of the product, you can have peace of mind with the replacement of chairs for years.


A restaurant chair has to be durable, so when buying, ask how many kilograms it will bear. Choosing really durable chairs will save more fluffy restaurant customers from embarrassment when the chair cannot bear their weight, and you will save unplanned expenses for the purchase of a new piece of furniture.

Service life and production

These two features are, in most cases, correlated with each other. Chairs made with care for the highest quality of materials and the manufacturing process will “work” in your restaurant for many years. If you invest in quality, the next purchases of this type of assortment are probably waiting for you only when you decide to drastically change the interior.

Convenience and functionality

Stackable chairs, i.e. those that can be stored one in the other thanks to a thin seat, will certainly work in the restaurant. In addition, restaurant chairs must be matched to the tables and it is not only about the appearance, but above all the height. Chairs do not differ in the height of the backs and seats, but in a restaurant this size must be universal and provide comfort for both tall and short guests. Check what comfort you will provide to your guests and before you make the final purchase decision, “try it on” checking if you can easily reach the countertop and feel comfortable.

Ease of maintenance

Each chair has different maintenance needs. Some require almost no attention at all, others lose their charm without being regularly refreshed. So before you buy chairs, find out everything about the material they are made of and the methods of cleaning it effectively.

A wide range of designs

The restaurant is a place where you can, and even have to, show off an interesting style with which guests will be charmed long after they leave the premises. Chairs can be a strong accent that will define the character of the interior, so it is worth choosing only those offers with a wide range. The basis is the color of the wood, fabric colors and accessories – if you have the opportunity to choose these elements yourself, or even order non-standard solutions, prepared especially for your restaurant, it means that you have come across a manufacturer who will understand your vision and will not try to limit it with his finite assortment.