DomArtStyl - manufacturer of upholstered furniture

For ten years we have been creating top quality furniture that stands out for original design, functionality and durability. We are Manufacturer Company of upholstered furniture. Combining modern design with unique form, our products reach into various interiors, giving them a sublime taste and unique charm.

Furniture is our passion. In our offer there is a range of upholstered furniture ranging from couches and armchairs, chairs to the kitchens, living rooms and conference rooms, benches, poufs, chests, or bar stools. We also execute orders prepared on the basis of individual client's project. The functionality and style of our furniture works not only in the privacy of the home. We also cater to the needs of business clients.

  • Arkadia
  • Duet
  • Grupa Chrobry
  • Inpuls
  • Intertel
  • Jantom
  • Lamania
  • Mline
  • Onemarket
  • Onlymyhome
  • Rofra
  • Solidbase
  • Szymon Fiołka
  • Top Line
  • Westwing