What to consider when choosing modern chairs for the living room?

May 23, 2022

A wire chair, bent, classic, modern – this is just the beginning of the counting, which proves that the choice is now really wide. The purchase of equipment can be difficult, because modern chairs for the living room should meet a number of requirements. How not to get lost in all this and what chairs to choose for the living room? We’ve gathered a handful of useful tips!

How to choose chairs for the living room?

The simplest solution would, of course, be to use ready-made ideas for arrangement or selection of matching elements, i.e. a set of table + chairs. However, it is worth trying to make an independent decision, because the chairs should be tailored to our needs.

Chairs for a modern living room must be aesthetic, but also practical. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the ergonomic shape, materials used and profiling. It is good to test such a chair to see if it provides us with full seating comfort.

Under no circumstances should we forget about stylistic consistency. Chairs, like other elements of equipment, create the atmosphere of the interior. Certain styles force the selection of specific models. For example – bright colors or fancy decorations will certainly not fit into a Scandinavian-style room. However, the Atlanta chair or the Ariana chair, i.e. minimalist models in subdued colors, will be perfect.

What to look for when choosing chairs for the living room?

Reconciling functionality with design can be a challenge. So how to choose chairs for the living room? First of all, you need to think carefully about the possibilities offered by our interior. If it is large, we can afford more massive models in darker colors. In the case of small living rooms, it is better to use chairs that will optically add lightness to the room – it is worth reaching for openwork structures and models with openings in the backs. A good example is the Demi chair.

Practical for everyday use

All furniture should be of high quality and attention to detail. These elements should be looked at:

Material – chairs must be easy to keep clean. Nowadays, even upholstered furniture can be washed independently. However, it is worth checking whether a given material is abrasion-resistant and its weave density. The fabric used is largely responsible for durability. Seat – it should allow you to sit down comfortably, but it cannot be too deep. Backrest – guards the correct posture, therefore it should be properly contoured. It is necessary to assess its height in relation to the table – too high a backrest will optically overwhelm the interior. Additional elements – you should decide whether you want, for example, armrests. While they will add comfort, they can also make the chair take up much more space. Frame – must be solid to ensure stability. The material from which it is made also determines whether a given chair will be light, and thus practical and adjustable.

Always in style

Feet, decorations, stitching, colors, textures and materials – they decide what style a given chair represents. It is good if such a piece of furniture matches the character of the apartment. We suggest which chairs to choose for salons decorated in popular styles:

Scandinavian style – it is distinguished by simplicity and minimalism. Chairs should therefore be free from any fanciful finishes. Ideally, they should be subdued, one-color and referring to nature, e.g. with wooden legs, like the Juliette chair. glamor style – this style is ruled by velor upholstery – those in shades of powder pink or bottle green are especially fashionable. Chairs can additionally have decorations, e.g. on the ends of the legs – it is worth checking the Jensen chair here. elegant style – chairs in this style should decorate the living room. It is worth choosing upholstered seats, stitching, quilting and decorative frames. traditional style – simple, wooden chairs are characteristic of it. What is the difference between modern and classic chairs?

The choice between modern and classic is, of course, a matter of taste. These styles differ mainly in terms of decorations and shapes. Modern chairs are distinguished by profiling, fancy shapes and light materials. In their case, design comes to the fore, which is why such chairs often come in bold color variants.

Classic bent chairs can boast an impressive history. They are also very universal and are a perfect complement to minimalist, Scandinavian, but also modern, loft, rustic and glamor interiors. Bent chairs do not have to be boring – they are more and more often available in slightly refreshed, contemporary-inspired versions.