Utility furniture. How to combine elegance with the use

May 31, 2022

Not so long ago, almost all of us were convinced that the combination of functionality and elegance in furniture is an almost impossible task. Today, we are slowly changing our minds on this subject, and we are mainly helped by upholstered furniture – unique both in terms of its appearance and comfort of use.

In a private space

Upholstered furniture in private space is by no means new, although it cannot be denied that upholstered armchairs, other pieces of furniture of this type, seem to be coming out of oblivion only recently. What makes them host again in living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms is, above all, their elegance. The latter, however, would not do much if the furniture were also not functional. The advantage of functionality is appreciated in the first place by those who do not have too much space. In a small area, there is no room for random solutions, and what is beautiful is primarily to serve the household members, and only then – to get it. The functionality of upholstered furniture, however, means that they appear not only in multi-family blocks, but also in residences, both in modern rooms and in those dominated by retro style.

In hotels and restaurants

Up to a point, upholstered furniture was not associated with hotels or restaurants, even though the users themselves approached them with great sympathy. It was rather the owners of the premises who were restrained, fearing that such furniture would be expensive to maintain, and yet the tasks that were put before them would not be carried out. Today, however, we can more and more often see upholstered hotel furniture, and upholstered restaurant chairs are not uncommon at all. The fact that upholstered furniture appeared in hotels and restaurants was primarily due to their high quality, indisputably associated with luxury and high quality. It was not without significance, however, that with time premium class furniture ceased to be limited only to a decorative function. They began to be actively used by restaurant and hotel guests, and because subsequent people praised them very much, even the skeptical owners of such entities slowly changed their minds. Of course, still not all upholstered furniture can meet the growing demands of buyers. However, those that decorate, and are not functional, slowly disappear from the market, giving way to more refined models.