Unique hotel furniture

May 25, 2022
Lusso armchair from new colection of furniture DomArtStyl - PERLA LUSSO

Choosing hotel furniture is an extremely difficult task. At the same time, it should be done very scrupulously and with the right feeling. Hotel furniture largely determines how the rooms in our hotel are received and thus is a key factor in deciding whether guests will return to our hotel next time.

Hotel furniture – why is it so difficult to choose the right one?

Choosing hotel furniture is difficult because the furniture must suit the tastes of hundreds or even thousands of our customers. Of course, we are not able to match the furniture to the needs and tastes of every visitor to our hotel, but we should try to maximize the number of satisfied people. What’s more, in a hotel there are many rooms, often for a different purpose and even arrangement. Nevertheless, we must make sure that there is some continuity and consistency here. When it comes to furniture, it is safest to choose either a modern or a classic style. Here it all depends on what kind of guests we receive. If they are mothers with children or young people, the modern style will be a safer choice. In the case of business guests, it would be preferable to opt for the classics.

Furniture should, of course, be aesthetic and made with attention to the smallest detail. Hotel chairs are very important, standing next to the bed, they are the basic element of the room arrangement. Good, durable upholstery, solid seats and high quality are the three basic conditions that a chair must meet. It is also important that, like all furniture, it is also durable and resistant to mechanical damage or scratches. Hotel furniture will often not be treated very gently by our guests. This is not due to any particular aversion to them, it is just that in human nature there is less care for objects that are a temporary element of equipment in a person’s life. Therefore, the more durable they are, the longer they will stand without the need to replace them. It is important that if in our apartment some equipment is slightly damaged in the form of a scratch, it can still be used as an equipment in the room without any problems. In a hotel, each flaw and defect is unfortunately the basis for replacing a given device. Therefore, the more durable it is, the paradoxically more money we are able to save in the long run. Buying solid, high-quality furniture should be treated here as a kind of investment that will pay off sooner or later.