Unique Furniture for Unique People

June 2, 2022

Our furniture look familiar? Yes!

We have been cooperating with restaurants, pubs, hotels, shops and TV stations for years. Upholstered furniture from Kępno is a permanent element of the scenery of many films, series, journalistic and entertainment programs broadcast by Polish TV stations. The whole of Poland has already known upholstered furniture from Kępno as equipment for pressrooms, conference rooms and TV studios. The programs in which they appeared as a supporting character include, for example, “Good morning TVN”, “A question for breakfast” or “24 hours”.

Our company is a manufacturer of upholstered furniture for business and individual clients from all over Poland. We specialize in the production of bar furniture, cafe furniture, hotel furniture and restaurant furniture, but our furniture also goes to private houses and apartments.

Our offer includes a full range of upholstered furniture, from sofas and armchairs, through chairs for the kitchen, living room and conference rooms, to benches, poufs, dens, beds and bar stools. We also offer quilted furniture, upholstered headboards and quilted walls. We also produce custom-made upholstered furniture based on specific dimensions.

Our furniture is unique. Why? Firstly, this is evidenced by a wide selection of fabrics, decorations and wood colors, and secondly – we decide about it ourselves, approaching the creation of furniture, that is our work, with passion and commitment, and a constant pursuit of excellence. We want to be the best at what we do. High quality and the pursuit of excellence are our ways to attract customers.

Our furniture is available to everyone. You can also have them – at home, in the company, in a restaurant – wherever you want! We guarantee that you will appreciate them for their design and comfort, and you will appreciate us for the fact that we put our whole heart into our work and create for ourselves, that is, to the best of our ability.

Upholstered furniture from Kępno

We bring an abundance of colors and a wealth of textures and patterns to the world of upholstery, with which we can dazzle even the most demanding customers. We often draw inspiration to create designs from tradition and history, which is especially visible in some product lines with a style referring to the eminence of past epochs. In terms of technology and functionality, we are inspired by what is modern, more functional, simply better and easier.

Behind the quality of upholstered furniture from Kępno, there is a high-quality raw material, i.e. the best Polish beech and durable upholstery materials with a modern design.

We present our basic offer on the website of the online store, but we also produce custom-made upholstered furniture. Individual ordering of furniture gives a wide range of options – including in the selection of accessories, including buttons, pins, stones, quilting (karo, square, chesterfield, straw), stitching, pin tapes or finishing elements such as a wooden armrest , Upholstered legs, a roller or a trim frame at the top of the backrest.

The choice of the color of wood, the type of fabric and the above-mentioned finishing elements can make you dizzy, which is why we provide professional advice to every client, designing upholstered furniture to suit your dreams.

Color, raw materials and accessories are not everything. In addition, we focus on reliability and comfort. Upholstered furniture from Kępno is as diverse as the interiors they go to, but they are united by quality and production with attention to detail.

No matter if you are interested in restaurant chairs, cafe chairs, upholstered headboards or other upholstered furniture, you will recognize the Dom-Art-Styl brand by the symbiosis of high quality with bold design, functionality and durability.

We are a manufacturer of upholstered furniture. We fight for perfection with every shot of the stapler and every puncture of the needle. We invite both individual and business clients to flirt with our creativity and passion for excellence. Business clients, in the offer of our furniture factory, will find, among others, bar furniture, furniture for cafes, restaurants and hotel furniture.


As a manufacturer of upholstered furniture, we invite for cooperation:

  • architects,
  • decorators,
  • interior designers,
  • offline stores interested in the possibility of distributing our furniture.

We offer transparent rules, individual approach and discounts worth attention.