Pouf, or “ouf” for the spine

April 13, 2022

After a hard day we would like to sit in a comfortable chair and watch TV or just read a book. Unfortunately, after some time we begin to change the position of the body and we are unable to find the proper one.
The key to find a comfortable position is to raise your legs up and back them on the footrest. In such situation it is better to check the puff, is it has the height that will provide you with a comfortable and healthy rest. In our sale department you can get answers to such questions and get to know which poufs to order for good comfort and also pleasent view.

Raising your legs on the pouf for a short time also has another great advantage – it cares about the correct capacity of veins, protecting you from spiders, varicose veins and more serious consequences of bad habits such as venous thrombosis. If you want to intensify the effects of such “pouf therapy” it is worthwhile to lay down on the floor sometimes, using for example a mat or a favorite soft sofa, and put your legs on the pouf. In such position, the legs will be higher than the heart, thereby improving the circulation in the lower limbs.

As you can see, pouf is a useful element for our interiors. How often will you use poufs for you tired legs, it depends only on you. For good results, we need to develop a habit and get used to our daily rest with our legs up.

Looking for poufs that will be used for daily rest, pay attention to the offer of upholstery poufs. In contrast to soft poufs, upholstered poufs have got stable construction and solid support for raised feet. Unlike soft poufs, upholstered poufs have a stable structure and solid support for raised feet. Straight, slanted, narrow, arched, round, or chest poufs – the choice is very wide due to cut, colour, material, height and style. Whatever you choose, remember to enjoy your pouf and spend some time with it every day. Your spine will be grateful to you!