How to overcome difficult stains?

June 8, 2022

Various Inks

Stains from such an intense and quickly penetrating dye as ink will disappear if we properly start removing them. If we immediately reach for soapy water, we only rub the stain, significantly increasing the area of the stain and helping the dye penetrate deeper into the structure of the fibers. The correct reaction to an ink stain is to use citric acid, and for leather upholstered furniture, toothpaste. If the stain is fresh, the acid can be replaced with sour milk or lemon juice. What about specialized cleaners? Unfortunately, most of them are not universal enough to save every type of upholstery fabric. If we use a strong preparation on delicate fabrics, we can even lead to irreversible discoloration.

Red wine

Red wine stains happen in dining rooms, restaurants, bars and our private lounges, so it is certainly not uncommon. If the stain is fresh, we can use white wine or champagne to fight it, which we pour over the stained area, then using water and drying it with a cloth and a dryer.

Nail polish

The easiest way to remove nail polish from fabric is the same as from nails, i.e. with a nail polish remover. However, if we reach for a remover, first let’s check how the fabric reacts to its effect. For this purpose, let’s run a test on a barely visible piece of upholstery. We can also use a solvent, but it is another measure that, especially in the case of thin or colored fabrics, can cause discoloration. If, after testing on a fragment of upholstery, we see that the fabric loses its color where it has been in contact with a solvent or remover, we are left with even more delicate measures – water with washing-up liquid or baking soda mixed with warm water.

As you can see, there is no shortage of home methods to combat difficult stains on the upholstery. Unfortunately, many of them, however, involve at least a minimal risk of discoloration. Therefore, if the stain appeared on a light fabric or it is very large and we do not have experience in removing dirt on our own, let a specialist who will approach each stain professionally, choosing the most effective and safest means.