How to choose the height of the bar stool to match the table top?

May 30, 2022

This is the question many customers ask themselves before buying. It often becomes a real pain for buyers, because “by eye” it is difficult to estimate what dimensions of the furniture will be optimal for us. Especially if we do not remember the exact height of the table top to which we want to buy bar stools. So what to consider when buying? What parameters should be taken into account to make the right choice? The DomArtStyl company, having extensive experience in the production of bar stools, provides many tips on this matter that help every buyer.

Table or tabletop measurement

First of all, before going shopping, it is worth measuring the table or countertop for which you want to buy bar stools. When we know its height, it will be easier for us to choose the right height of the bar stool. Each bar stool should be selected in such a way that the person sitting on it does not have to bend over or slouch at the table top, but to maintain an upright posture while sitting. The bar stool must not be too high, the seated person must be able to freely reach the floor when descending from it. The seat must not be located close to the table top as it will cause discomfort while sitting.

Selection of the height of the stool to match the seat

The parameter that we must take into account in the first place is the height of the stool to the seat. For example, in the case of a tabletop situated at a height of 90-92 cm, a stool with a seat height of 60-65 cm will be the best solution. With a table top 100-105 cm high, a bar stool with a seat level of 70-75 cm will be suitable. On the other hand, if we have a table top in the range of 115-120 cm, a seat height of 83-85 cm will be good. These proportions guarantee that the user will sit upright, and his hands will be at the appropriate height, for example, to lean on the table top or reach something from it.

Total height and width of the table top

Another important variable in the case of bar stools with a backrest, which the manufacturer advises to pay attention to, is the total height, i.e. the height from the legs to the end of the backrest. The higher the backrest, the greater the seating comfort will be. It is therefore worth trying out which total height allows your back to rest comfortably.

If we want to buy bar stools for a specific table top, the width will also be important. And here we should take into account both the width of the seat itself and the overall width of the piece of furniture. Because it is she who decides how many pieces we can fit at the countertop of a certain length. So it’s important to make the right measurements beforehand and then check the dimensions of the available models. So that the purchase made for us is a source of pleasure, not stress and doubts.

DomArtStyl, specializing in the production of upholstered furniture, has a choice of many interesting models of upholstered stools with and without a backrest and of various heights. This allows buyers to select furniture which sizes meet their individual needs in this regard. Moreover, in order to meet the expectations of customers, the company, at the buyers’ request, also cuts the legs to the desired seat height.