May 23, 2022

How to choose chairs for the dining room?

Interior design involves many choices. Usually, we are guided by our own sense of aesthetics, the available budget or the functionality of the equipment. It may seem that the choice of dining chairs is a simple matter, but many people forget that also here you should pay attention to certain features. What? We advise on how to choose the right chairs for the dining room.

What to consider when choosing chairs for the dining room?

Finding a chair model that we like is not difficult. The offer is so rich that it allows you to fit virtually every taste and style. The trick, however, is to choose a piece of furniture that will combine an aesthetic appearance, ergonomic shape and functionality that facilitates everyday use. Only the set of all these features is a guarantee that the equipment will be not only beautiful, but also practical. So what should be the perfect dining chair? You should pay attention to this in particular:

  • Size – the fact that the chair should have dimensions that allow it to be easily inserted under the table is an obvious matter. However, not everyone pays attention to the overall size and how it will look in a particular room. Some forms seem overwhelming, so they will visually clutter the room.
  • Functionality – underneath, there is primarily the quality of the production and the materials used. A good chair is one that is easy to carry, is light and, at the same time, solid – resistant to impacts and abrasion. If the chair is upholstered, the material must be simple to keep clean. When eating, it is easy to get stains, so it pays to reach for fabrics that can be washed or wiped by yourself.
  • Ergonomic shape – the chair must be comfortable, i.e. allow free body positioning. This is due to, among others: the height and depth of the seat, backrest and possible armrests.
  • Style – even the most comfortable chair will be irritating if it is not stylistically matched with the rest of the furniture. The chair should be selected primarily for the table, but it is also worth paying attention to how it will look like with other equipment, and even against the background of a specific color scheme.

What chairs for the dining room?

A lot of time is spent at the table. It is around him that the participants of home parties usually gather. It also happens that it serves not only when serving meals, but also as a desk or a work surface. However, the comfort of the chairs largely determines whether this time will be comfortable or will result in a stiff neck and tired back. The ergonomic shape is responsible for the comfort of the chair.

What height is the seat of the dining chair?

It is assumed that the chair will be comfortable when the person sitting on it can bend the knees at right angles and place their feet freely on the floor. This means that the seat cannot be too high or too low, so as not to cause disastrous loads on the spine.

What is the depth of the dining room chair seat?

Also, the depth of the seat has a huge impact on our silhouette, seating comfort and the condition of the spine. Therefore, you should avoid very deep seats, which make it impossible to fully support your back, but also shallow ones – they result in increased pressure on the thighs and buttocks.

Jakie oparcie krzesła do jadalni?

In the case of backrests, it is worth taking a close look at the profiling of the chairs. An interesting design makes it practically impossible to rest your back freely. The backrest must allow for an unforced pose, and at the same time be practical to maintain.

How to choose chairs for the table?

For chairs to look good, they need to fit snugly on the table. Therefore, it should be remembered that they fit freely next to it, and that the seats do not protrude significantly and overwhelmingly over the edge of the table top. This will save the impression of disproportions and accidental juxtaposition of mismatched furniture sizes.

It is also worth paying attention to the colors and materials of the furniture in the dining room. A safe solution is to choose consistent, complementary colors that will refer stylistically to the table’s design. The chairs must also not be too heavy if the table structure is light. The combination of different chairs is becoming more and more fashionable and proves that furniture can be matched to the table, e.g. on the basis of loose, color references. Therefore, it is worth following your own sense of aesthetics, remembering, however, what character of the interior you want to maintain.