How to arrange a living room in a modern style?

May 25, 2022

The living room is a key place in every home. It performs a similar function to the kitchen and gathers both household members and invited guests. That is why so many of us want this place to be uniquely decorated.

Modern interiors of salons are characterized by simplicity and functionality, and of course high aesthetics. The living room itself, as well as the furniture, should have geometric simple shapes. They are often austere interiors dominated by white, gray and black, but the skilful use of these contrasts does not destroy the harmony of the interior. Furniture is, of course, the key element of the living room. Exclusive living room furniture is a great idea because of the advantages of this type of furniture, as well as its overall appearance and aesthetics. These can be glamor-style upholstered furniture or stylish upholstered furniture. Extensive sofas, armchairs and poufs will work in the living room. They will be much more comfortable than hard furniture without a mattress, which bends under the weight of the body. There are many models of furniture on the market, in various shapes and probably in all possible colors. This is one of the great advantages of upholstered furniture. Regardless of what model, form and color we are looking for, we will most likely find it in hundreds of furniture stores. There are romantic floral motifs, avant-garde geometric patterns, stripes, checks and many other motifs that determine the aesthetic appearance of the furniture. There are also upholstered furniture, which in themselves resemble works of art, and at the same time their price is close to our financial capacity.

Another huge advantage is the universality of this type of furniture. They will work in every room, especially in the living room, where the arrangement of the room should be particularly free and flexible. The upholstery itself is easy to keep clean – all you need is proper maintenance and care for the furniture to retain its attractive appearance for many years. We can also easily buy products that are used to keep this furniture clean. Their popularity makes cleaning upholstered furniture relatively cheap and simple. We can also buy such models that are unfolded, and individual elements and materials can be simply washed in an ordinary washing machine standing in every home.

The comfort of use usually costs a lot. However, this is not the case with upholstered furniture. They are pleasant to the touch, and at the same time durable and resistant to damage. It is only worth paying attention to the care of the furniture itself and whether the manufacturer took care of the quality of the details. The cost of purchasing even the best and most fashionable upholstered furniture will be much lower than even the purchase of leather furniture. Buying the whole set to be put in the showroom is an additional saving. Having taken care of the arrangement of the living room furnishings, let’s not forget about the details, which are often the quintessence of a given room. First of all, the furniture that we buy should be spacious, if possible. Only these will provide us and our guests with adequate comfort. However, choose a set that will not overwhelm the room with its dimensions and color. Also, take care of the background and surroundings for the furniture.

Brick is a good choice. It is experiencing its second youth. A brick wall is an idea for a living room with character, where art feels good, but also a solution for living rooms, which are supposed to be strict and minimalist, i.e. the most fashionable solutions today. If not brick, then maybe raw concrete? The concrete wall can be completed with equipment in similar colors, but the contrast will also look attractive here. Each living room will be decorated with even a small bookcase. Thanks to the neutral colors of the interior based on white and gray, the colorful spines of the books constitute a colorful mosaic that is attractive to the eye. If we have an exceptionally large area of the room, we can choose dark exotic wood floors or a suspended ceiling. It will certainly make a great impression on our guests, but we must remember that it will make the room visually smaller. * photos: Archimania, and LIVINGLIFE