Game for a sofa

April 13, 2022

Long time ago the thrones for rulers were not comfortable. Arabian sultans sat on it for spending nice time, this furniture was designed only for sultans. For such sofas they use pillows and fabrics. That is how sofas were created. This royal furniture of Oriental origin appeared in the European salons and living rooms only at the end of the 17th century, when the East Indian Company (British, Dutch, Danish) was established and trade developed. Then, in the Old Continent, there was a fashion for the culture of the eastern countries. Eastern inspirations have appeared in philosophy and literature, but also in the arts, furniture and decorations.

The furniture, which resembles today’s sofas, also stood in the dining rooms and at the chambers of Italian houses in Rome. Also sofas were treated as reserved places for the selected people. Only high-ranking men who had been discussing something for hours could sit on it.

For centuries, the sofa was a luxury. Only the industrial revolution moved her popularity to the middle class.

Today, most of us can not imagine our own living room without a furniture that usually occupies a central place in the room. We use sofas to rest and also, like people in Rome in the ancient times, we meet and have important conversations with family, friends near sofas.

But there is something that makes us enjoy more luxury than any Arab Sultan could. Unlimited choice and variety of offers make us feel better than old monarchs from different parts of the world were able to. We can buy folding sofa, modular, with container, leather and fabric. Some of them can be used as a bed, others can be hidden.

Nowadays designer put on functionality and also its connected with design and comfort, for example in offer upholstery furniture manufacturer Dom-Art-Sty Except untypical project we found there wide choice of fabrics – we can say “the choice of color”.

Sofas – today they are called interchangeably sofas, ottoman and even lodges, but by analyzing dictionary definitions, you can argue whether all these terms mean the same. The Polish language dictionary of the PWN calls the sofa “furniture with backrest and handrails, intended for sitting or lying for several people”, the сщгср, meanwhile it describes as “low, soft sofa”. A slightly different description was earned by an ottoman – a piece of furniture from Turkey, it is characterized as “a low sofa with side rollers instead of handrail and soft back.” The lodge has a different meaning, which is usually described in dictionaries as a room in theaters or auditoriums. Today, more and more often, saying “lodge” we mean a characteristic long, lined bench with a comfortable backrest, without handrails or rollers. This type of furniture can be found in a bar or restaurant.

Where is the border between the restaurant logue, the ottoman and the sofa, and which one to choose? It probably doesn’t really matter when you sit down on your sofa and think that centuries ago, just like you, only kings could live the way you live today. So if you read it and do not sit on comfortable sofa better hurry up because someone else can take your place and then you will game for the sofa – your home throne.