Englishman in the living room

June 6, 2022

If you dream of an English-style living room, you need a few essentials. You will need a sofa, a fireplace, a coffee table, a comfortable „uszak” armchair to protect against drafts, a pouf, flowery curtains and a Chesterfield sofa. Complete all this with a wealth of patterns, wallpapers, curtains, draperies, lamps, mirrors and a large dose of knick-knacks and the interior decorated with island style is ready!

The Chesterfield sofa is undoubtedly a style icon – leather, massive, on low legs, with a characteristic quilting on the back, large buttons and large rounded armrests. Traditionally, it was upholstered with natural leather in male colors – brown or black.

Chesterfield has a long history behind it. Chesterfield has a long history behind it. It owes its name to a certain count who, when placing an order with a local craftsman, ordered to prepare a comfortable piece of furniture that would allow him to rest – as befits a gentleman – sitting down, with his back straightened. Elegant was given an armchair reminiscent of the later Chesterfield sofas. This comfortable, dignified piece of furniture gained real popularity when, during the heyday of the British Empire, military and officials traveled to colonies in Africa and England, taking with them their belongings, including the Chesterfield sofa.

Today, upholstered furniture with the characteristic quilting in the style of the Chesterfield sofa, although “dressed” in different fabrics and colors, conquers the world of interiors. Available even in pastel colors, often upholstered with a very soft material, also made on high legs – these are contemporary Chesterfields.

One look at the Chesterfield-style sofa takes us to the cinematic portraits of Sherlock Holmes’ office, brings to mind English gentlemen’s clubs, serious law firms, and is associated with the luxurious interior of a palace or an expensive hotel. Despite its noble character, a pouf, an armchair or a Chesterfield sofa, will also perfectly complement a more subtle interior decorated in the English style – the one dominated by white and flowers, or the one referring more to hunting roots – with a predominance of check.

Modernity did not hurt Chesterfield – it is timeless and despite its modern versions, it remains Chesterfield. Find out about it by browsing the characteristic quilted poufs, armchairs and sofas on the website of the Dom-Art-Styl upholstered furniture manufacturer.