Bar Stools at home? Why not!

April 13, 2022

Life – advanced level

In the bathroom – a hot tub, in the kitchen – a sous vide device, and in the dining room – your own, personal bar with professional bar stools, to which you want to invite friends for a drink on Friday evening. Our lives are becoming more advanced. Solutions, until recently only available to professionals, are increasingly getting into our private four corners. We affirm them for various reasons – from the need to strive for perfection in every field of life, the need to express one’s own character, and sometimes … for lack of time. The busy persons do not “fall” to the pub because they count every minute of their free time, but the drink in their own bar drunk on their own bar stool, it’s quite another thing.

Accent on the bar

The barstool, is such a strong accent in interior design that it can transform even a banal kitchen or dining room with a bar. It is enough to arrange properly so that your interior becomes the one you do not want to go out with. The style of furniture, however, must perfectly match the surroundings, so don’t choose the first chair, but consider whether your interior has a modern or rather classical style? For more classic interior suits elegant upholstery, quilting, brave colours. Upholstery in any colours, quilted and smooth, with or without pattern, leather or other material – the possibilities are many. It all depends on your taste and the appearance of the interior, to which you are looking for such interesting add on a bar stool.

How to choose?

Choosing the height of the Bar Stoool, it is necessary to evaluate its height to the height of the tabletop. To maintain a comfortable position that does not compromise the body, make sure that the tabletop is suspended about 30 cm above the seat of the bar stool.