Have you ever thought where is furniture from that creating scenography in programs and serial which are watching all over Poland? A lot of them were produced in Poland, if to be exactly in Kępno, in the Wielkopolska regeon. Dom-Art-Styl Furniture Company has been cooperating with restaurants, hotels, salons and TV stations for many years. Among the programs in which the upholstered furniture appeared was„Good morning TVN”, „Questions for the breakfast”, or „24 hours”.

Upholstered furniture, which you can see on TV, can also be seen every day in our own living room, dining room or in your own home. DomArtStyl offers have got a full range of upholstered furniture – from chairs and bar chairs, through couches and armchairs to benches, chests, beds or even tables. It is also possible to commission the production of furniture to size and according to your own design, for example with the logo of your home.