AR app

We invite you to our latest application available for phones and tablets “domartstyl”. The app allows you to arrange furniture from the latest Perla Lusso collection. It is a very convenient tool for people looking for ways to create a practical and aesthetic arrangement of their living space.

How to download the application?

1.Download the application from the store (App Store, Play Store) by entering “domartstyl” in the search engine


2. use the appropriate link from the below

a) IOS

How to use the app?
1. After starting the app, you must accept the use of the camera.

2. Then you have to look around with the camera to scan your surroundings.

3. Touch the area on the touch screen on the place where you want to put the furniture.

4. You can freely choose and arrange the room from among the 10 pieces of furniture available in the collection.

5. By selecting the camera icon you will take photos which will be saved on your camera roll.

6. In the top menu you can learn more about our company, quickly call the customer service office and check the place and date of the upcoming fair.

We encourage you to use the application and send us photos of your arrangements.

We will reward the most interesting photos with a surprise award.