Bench is untypical furniture if we want eqqupied our flat, home or premises. Upholstered benches, however, change the way of thinking about objects that previously associated with parks, gardens, or sad corridors of schools and courts.
The bench in the home living room may surprise some, but if it looks like any of the upholstered furniture manufacturer’s offer, DomArtStyl will probably quickly turn the doubts into interest and desire to get to know you better or maybe even own it.

Upholstered benches add a touch of style to any interior,created for a luxury restaurant or hotel, waiting room arrange with splendor. There are also little crazy benches – covered with patterned or multicoloured upholstery, from which even young people can find something for themselves. If you want to change upholstery, the catalog isn`t any limit. All the limits of the possibilities are determined only by your imagination and you can order any upholstery, colour, pattern, height, quilting or accessories.

Bench is an elegant, curious but functional piece of furniture. You can put it also at hall while away back to home, you can use it for a rest. When you only dream to take off you shoes and think about afternoon relax. Bench at hall will be first thing which saw our guests and like you know first impresion we can did only, so give upholstered bench chance to from doorstep told our gustes about our taste of style, talented to arrange interiors.