Industrial style is lurking absurd. Nowadays, it is considered as a sign of sophisticated taste and exclusivity, but when we look at the elements that fill loft interiors, we will see old, destroyed wood, linen fabrics, bare bricks and vintage lamps of such economical form. You can imagine it.

Behind every style stand some story. In case of that fashion industrial history was its main designer. Beginings of factory fashion we should found in New York. When in 50th XX century reccession to made American businessmen to closed factory then appeared many desterted storehouse and other industry rooms. Soon in many in its stand easte and appeared chisel artist who in empty storehouse artagments their studios and next flats – lofts.

Simplicity, classics and functionality – these world exelent sum up how flats are arragment today according to post-industrial cold. The moderation permeates through solid wood, precious materials, brick walls and upholstery, most often in bright, sandy colours.