Wings Bar Stool

Wings Bar Stool impresses with own appeareance. Such bar stool has got so-called “ears” which come from the sides of the back.

* Such model as is presented at the photo has got a thumbtacks tape around the seat.

Furniture can be slightly different than that one on the photo.

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Additional information

Overall height

97 / 107 / 117 cm

Seat height

67 / 77 / 87 cm

Overall width

54 cm

Seat width

53 – 47 cm

Overall depth

47 cm

Seat depth

39 cm


9,5 kg


solid beech wood


highly elastic foam very high density

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Buttons / Imitation of Swarovskie stones, Knocker, Legs in colours: white, silver, golden and patin colours, Nogi w kolorze czarnym + złote końce, Quilting / Stitching, Thumbtacks tape, Undercutting legs

Tolerance +/- 2 cm