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Krzesło Alexa, trinity 03, 6 czarny (2)Krzesło Alexa, trinity 03, 6 czarny (1)

Alexa Chair

Alexa chair is extremely delicate and subtle, has vertical stitching on the inside and outside part of the backrest. It was made of the best quality materials.The style of the chair is maintained in the Scandinavian style.

We have a wide selection of fabrics and colors of legs

Fotel AndesFotel Andes

Andes Armchair

The Andes armchair is an original and designer piece of furniture. It has a specially contoured backrest, on the inside of which decorative trimmings were applied. It was made of the best quality material. It is filled with highly elastic foam, thanks to which the seat is soft and comfortable. Turned legs add an interesting, Scandinavian charm. Andes is ideally suited for both public and private interiors.

* The standard version of the chair has legs in the Scandinavian style and a fabric-colored piping.

fotel fabioFotel Fabio (1)

Fabio Armchair

Fabio armchair – an interesting piece of furniture in the Scandinavian style. It has a specially rounded backrest to perfectly fit the back and give comfort while sitting. In this model, the back of the backrest and the seat have been decorated with a delicate piping, adding charm. It was placed on low, turned legs characteristic of this style.

Nowoczesny Fotel KlubowyNowoczesny fotel klubowy w kolorze różu z guzikami, nogi w kolorze srebrnym

Klubowy Armchair

Klubowy Armchair in the Scandinavian style on turned legs in different colors to choose from, has a profiled and wide backrest. Perfectly presented in modern salons, restaurants or hotels. It is a timeless piece with an original appearance, no one will pass by it indifferently.

– furniture in the standard version has a rouge in color and stitching on the back.

fotel lavardFotel Lavard (1)

Lavard Armchair

Lavard armchair is an innovative and modern model. It has an unusual form that attracts attention.  The seat with the backrest creates one whole. It rests on thin turned legs in the Scandinavian style. It has been designed with precision and for the most demanding clients. It will be a spectacular addition in most interiors.

fotel liviaFotel Livia (7)

Livia Armchair

Armchair Livia is a beautiful piece of furniture that will decorate any interior with its appearance. A characteristic element of this chair are high legs in the scandi style. The back of the back is decorated with trimming, the front is smooth. A wide selection of fabric colors and wood colors will make it unique and unique.

The backrest adapts perfectly to the back.

* COMFORTABLE! This is a model from the new collection.

Fotel Madlen (4)Fotel Madlen (1)

Madlen Armchair

Madlen armchair has vertical tabs on the inside and outside of the armrests. The furniture is located on round legs in the Scandinavian style. It looks very nice. Thanks to the excellent quality of the material the chair is soft, comfortable and stable. It was intended for all public and private places.

fotel massimoFotel Massimo (1)

Massmio Armchairs

Massimo armchair with a new line of Scandinavian style armchairs. It is characterized by a simple construction combined with a touch of elegance. The seat and backrest are finished with trimming. Turned legs give it originality. It looks good in any interior. The highest quality materials were used for its production. It is a piece of furniture, please check the dimensions.

* COMFORTABLE! This is a model from the new collection.

Fotel Monaco (5)Fotel Monaco (1)

Monaco Armchair

Monaco Armchair is an ideal proposition for modern apartments, restaurants and hotels. The backrest has been contoured and perfectly adapts to the back of the sitting, giving a large comfort of the seat. The armrests are at the perfect height, so that your hands can rest comfortably. An armchair placed on turned legs, giving it a Scandinavian style.

Fotel Prada trinity 11 patyna brąz (3)Fotel Prada trinity 11 patyna brąz (1)

Prada Armchair

The Prada chair has a border, wide pleated and well contoured backrest. Furniture from the Scandinavian collection with characteristic conical legs. The best quality material, high-elastic foam, thanks to which the furniture is soft, comfortable and stable. The chair is designed for all private and public utility places. It looks very good. It is quite low, please check the dimensions.

Fotel Stola (1)Fotel Stola (2)

Stola Armchairs

The Stola armchair is the latest product in the Scandinavian style. All lovers of this style will be satisfied, the chair is very original, it has a pleating on the inside of the backrest, and a hole that gives it lightness. It does not look like an ordinary piece of furniture – it stands out.