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Chanel Chair

Chanel chair is undoubtedly a design icon. It is unique and timeless. The characteristic feature of the chair is the small, delicate armrests that come out of the backrest. Each element was well made. The furniture is perfect for all interiors. For example: houses, dining rooms, offices, restaurants or hotels.

– The standard version of the chair has got the piping in colours.

Begonia Armchair

Begonia Armchair has got a wide, comfortable backrest on which there is a piping in the material color. The seat is made of high-elastic foam for comfort while sitting. It is a piece of furniture suitable for any type of interiors. The legs and the fabrics are available in different colors.

Fotel BelliniFotel Bellini

Bellini Armchair

The Bellini armchair has a comfortable rounded backrest. A small back cushion was attached to it to increase comfort. The upholstery reaches almost to the floor, covers the round, turned legs. There are decorative bookmarks at the bottom. On the back of the chair there is a zip under the fabric color. The upholstery is not pulled.

*COMFORTABLE! This is a model from the new collection.

Como Armchair

Como Armchair in oryginal style will surely catch your eye. It has got a stiching in inside part. The back and sides have got pins. The seat is made of high elastic foam for comfort while sitting. This is a piece of furniture suitable for any type of interior. The colour of the legs and the fabric is optional.

Standard version of the armchair has got a tape with thumbtacks.

Ellis Armchair

Ellis armchair has a fabric-colored piping and buttons at the front of the backrest. The model uses a removable backrest and seat, which was made of zippered cushions, so that they can be easily removed. Thanks to the excellent quality of the material, the furniture is soft, comfortable and stable. The chair is designed for all private and public utility places.

Hirek Armchair

The Hirek Armchair is simple and unique. Classic and original, it will fit into any interior. Used to produce the highest quality materials, making it a very powerful freak. High-elastic foam provides comfort while sitting. Perfect for home, restaurant or hotel.

It’s steel size is ideal for large spaces.

Java Armchair

Java Armchair is very comfortable furniture. The well profiled backrest makes it perfectly suited to the back of the sitting. Also in such model is a piping of the material’s colour on the seat, the backrest and the armrests. Made of high quality materials, very comfortable. The chair is suitable for all public and private interiors.

Kenzo Armchair

Kansas Armchair is one of our few exclusive models.On the outside part of the backrest is quilting with buttons and tape pins. It perfect fits to different interiors. Such armchair is made of high quality materials.

fotel lavard

Lavard Armchair

Lavard armchair is an innovative and modern model. It has an unusual form that attracts attention.  The seat with the backrest creates one whole. It rests on thin turned legs in the Scandinavian style. It has been designed with precision and for the most demanding clients. It will be a spectacular addition in most interiors.

fotel livia

Livia Armchair

Armchair Livia is a beautiful piece of furniture that will decorate any interior with its appearance. A characteristic element of this chair are high legs in the scandi style. The back of the back is decorated with trimming, the front is smooth. A wide selection of fabric colors and wood colors will make it unique and unique.

The backrest adapts perfectly to the back.

* COMFORTABLE! This is a model from the new collection.

Malmo Armchair

Malmo armchair is made of excellent quality material, so it is soft and comfortable. On the back there are two pillows of different sizes, on the seat one large, very comfortable. High-elastic foam increases the comfort of the seat. It uses a machine stitch on the right side (on top), which is nicely finished with overlock. Furniture is perfect for all public and private places.