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pufa kufer chesterfieldpufa kufer chesterfield

Chest Chesterfield Pouf

Chest Chesterfield Pouf is a very elegant model. The furniture has an opening lid that has been decorated with chesterfield quilting and a chest that can accommodate a lot of things. Pouf has many uses, it can be used as a seat, room decoration or storage. The possibility of using accessories, such as a pincer or knocker, makes it possible to give the furniture a very original look and make it a decoration of your room or bedroom.

– The standard version of pouf has chesterfield quilting.

– There are two dimensions:

50 cm / 50 cm / 48 cm
97 cm / 50 cm / 48 cm

Pufa Kufer, mil 3517, pik kwadrat, przeszycia pionowe na bokach, tasiemka + kołatki (5)Pufa Kufer, mil 3517, pik kwadrat, przeszycia pionowe na bokach, tasiemka + kołatki (4)

Chest pouf with stitching

Chest pouf with stitching is an original model, which has been decorated with stitching on the sides and a quilting on the seat. It has an opening lid and a large chest that can accommodate many things. Therefore, it can be used both for sitting and as a storage space for clothes or bedding. The possibility of using accessories such as a pin tape or a knocker makes gives furniture a very original look and make it a decoration of your room or bedroom.

* Such model as is presented at the photo has got a knocker and a tape with thumbtacks as an addition.

– The standard version of the pouf has stitching on sides and quilting on seat.

Greta, french velvet 674 (1)Greta, french velvet 674 (3)

Greta Pouf

Greta Pouf is an extremely unusual and unique piece of furniture that will be a perfect decoration to many interiors. The seat and sides of the pouf are in the square shape. Each side has an interesting hole in the shape of a cross, the edges of which have been decoreted with a pin tape. Due to its small size, it is a very handy piece of furniture. Its sophisticated form will satisfy everyone who likes unusual solutions.

– standard version of pouf has pin tape

Pufa X (1)Pufa X (2)


X Pouf impresses with own originality and beauty. The sitting part was made in a simple, normal version. But the legs of such pouf were made from metal. It is perfect for both private and public interiors as well.

Standard version of the pouf has got a quilting.

There are such colours as: silver, graphite, white.

Podnóżek Egg eko skóra (Copy)

Egg Footrest

Egg footrest has a thick seat located on a rotating metal frame. Perfectly suits the Egg armchair – creates a set with it. It is made from excellent quality material so it is soft, comfortable and stable. This furniture can be not only a footrest but also a seat.

Pufa Bubble, casablanca 2312 (2)Pufa Bubble, casablanca 2312 (1)

Bubble Pouf

Bubble Pouf is a modern piece of furniture for all public and private interiors. The furniture impresses with its unusually attractive appearance. The curious and modern form of furniture makes every room look perfect.

There are two dimensions:
50cm /90cm /60cm
50cm /90cm /90cm

pufa cesarePufa Cesare (1)

Cesare Pouf

Cesare Pouf is a clever combination of traditional design and functionality. Wooden legs in the shape of a cross are additionally reinforced with a crossbar located in the middle. The wide seat, decorated with large, individual pins, also serves as a place for storing things,which can hold a lot of small things or household tools.

Standard version of the pouf has a single, big pins.

Pufa Chesterfield Czarna, Kamienie swarowskiegoPufa Chesterfield Czarna, Kamienie swarowskiego

Chesterfield Pouf

Chesterfield Pouf, in general, is made in Chesterfield quilting. Such piece of furniture is very fashionable and practical addition to many interiors. It is small, does not take up much space and you can use such pouf as: a seat, a table or a footrest. Thanks to easy handling, the item can be placed anywhere.

The standard version has got quilting Cheaterfield with buttons.
– There are two dimensions:
48cm /50cm /50cm; 48cm /97cm /50cm

Pufa Insygnia (5)Pufa Insygnia (1)

Insygnia Pouf

Insygnia Pouf is a model that will undoubtedly attract every person. Its round shape additionally emphasized by fringes located in the bottom part of the furniture.

Its small size and unique shape is an ideal addition for the living room, bedroom or  a hall.