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Tkanina TROPIC- fotel tapicerowany prosto od producenta mebli domartstyl.Tkanina TROPIC- fotel tapicerowany prosto od producenta mebli domartstyl.

Fabio Armchair

Fabio armchair – an interesting piece of furniture in the Scandinavian style. It has a specially rounded backrest to perfectly fit the back and give comfort while sitting. In this model, the back of the backrest and the seat have been decorated with a delicate piping, adding charm. It was placed on low, turned legs characteristic of this style.

– The standard version of the armchair has a profiled backrest and turned legs in the Scandinavian style.

Klubowy Armchair

Klubowy Armchair in the Scandinavian style on turned legs in different colors to choose from, has a profiled and wide backrest. Perfectly presented in modern salons, restaurants or hotels. It is a timeless piece with an original appearance, no one will pass by it indifferently.

– furniture in the standard version has a rouge in color and stitching on the back.

Pufa KuferPufa Kufer

Chest Pouf

Chest pouf is a very practical piece of furniture corresponding to its design with old chests,that you can find in the bedrooms of our grandparents. It has an opening lid and a large chest that can accommodate many things. Therefore, it can be used both for sitting and as a storage space for clothes or bedding. The possibility of using accessories such as a pin tape or a knocker makes gives furniture a very original look and make it a decoration of your room or bedroom.

*Such model as is presented at the photo has got a knocker and a tape with thumbtacks as an addition.
– The standard version of the pouf is smooth without ornaments
– There are three dimensions:
48cm /50cm /50cm;
NEW – 80 cm / 45 cm / 48 cm (model has actuators)
48cm /97cm /50cm

Ester Pouf 40

Ester 40 pouf is not only suitable for bars, pubs, restaurants, shops, waiting rooms or public places, but also can be in the living room, as an additional place to sit and for a child’s room.

– pouf in standard version has quilting with buttons.

It occurs in the dimension:
46 cm / 40 cm / 40 cm

Rosalie XS Pouf

Rosalie XS pouf is an unusual and extremely elegant complement to the interior design. This is not just a pouf, but a small masterpiece. It has an oval shape. The base has a metal rim, in gold or silver colour, which adds charm and elegance. This is a very interesting proposition for the living room, bedroom or children’s room.

Solano Pouf

Pouf Solano – is a beautiful puff with a round shape. The advantage of its appearance is quilting with buttons that were used on the seat. It can be used as a practical storage, an additional place to sit or a decorative element of the room.

The pouf in the standard version has quilted with buttons.

Uszak Carmen Kids with buttons

Armchair Uszak Carmen Kids Buttons is a smaller version of the Uszak Carmen Chair, which was made for our children. The furniture has been made of excellent quality material, making it soft and comfortable. Armchair Uszak Carmen Kids Buttons was designed for children due to its smaller size. The piece of furniture is perfect for children’s room, kindergarten or other places often visited by children. More rounded than regular children.

Uszak Carmen Kids

Uszak Carmen Kids Armchair is a smaller version of Uszak Carmen Armchair, which was made with thoughts about our children. Furniture is made from materials of height quality that is why it is incredibly soft and comfortable. Uszak Carmen Kids was designed for children because of their smaller size. Such armchair is perfect for children’s room, kindergartens or other places that are relating to children.