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Straight Bar Stool without backrest

Bar Stool without backrest slanted

Hocker without backrest slant is a simple piece of furniture, ideal for the kitchen and dining room. It owes its non-standard appearance to the original sloping seat.

Jack Bar Stool

Madam Bar stool

Madam Chesterfield Bar Stool

Madam Chesterfield hoker was made in a classic style. Based on chesterfield quilting. Ideal for both public and private interiors. Ideally presented in the dining room, restaurant or cafe.

* The model presented in the picture has a snuff ribbon as an addition.

Monaco Bar Stool

Wings Bar Stool

Wings Bar Stool impresses with own appeareance. Such bar stool has got so-called “ears” which come from the sides of the back.

* Such model as is presented at the photo has got a thumbtacks tape around the seat.

Vigo Bar Stool

Straight Corner Bar Stool

Slanted Corner Bar Stool

Narrow Corner Bar Stool

Armchair Bar Stool Straight

Armchair Bar Stool Slanted

Armchair Bar Stool Narrow

Armchair Bar Stool with lower armrests

Straight Bar Stool