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Fotel Albit, magic velvet 2205, czarny + złote końce (2)Fotel Albit, magic velvet 2205, czarny + złote końce (1)

Albit Armchair

– The armchair in the standard version has Scandinavian style turned legs and quilting.
– The presented model in the picture has a black leg fixing.

*Such model as is presented at the photo has got a black legs with gold tips as an addition.

Fotel Caprice, french velvet 652 (2) (Copy)Fotel Caprice, french velvet 652 (1) (Copy)

Caprice Armchair

Caprice Armchair – model from the Perl Lusso collection. The furniture will blend in with original arrangements in which it will become the main decoration. The chair is quite built-up, however, thanks to a fairly narrow base, the whole looks light and tasteful. Comfortable backrest and practical armrests allow for regenerative rest and provide maximum comfort during use. The chair is located on turned stable legs in the Scandinavian style, which guarantee stability and durability of the structure – Caprice will certainly serve us a long time.

– The standard version of the chair has turned legs in the Scandinavian style.

– The presented model in the picture has a black leg fixing.

Fotel Escada, frido 5a, 12 orzech (5)Fotel Escada, frido 5a, 12 orzech (5)

Escada Armchair

Escada chair – It has an unusual appearance. The wide backrest widening upwards is decorated with buttons. High legs give him lightness. It may look classic or modern depending on the choice of fabrics and wood color. The cushion, which is used on the seat, is removable.

– Standard version of the chair has buttons on the backrest, and a removable cushion on the seat.

Fotel Louis, primo 8808, poduszka 8814, 12 orzech (2)

Louis Armchair

Louis armchair – the quintessence of beauty and diligence. This neat piece of furniture has a seat equipped with a removable cushion. The quilting with buttons was used on the base and inside sides. Cushion and ribbon cap are the accents that give this model elegance. The armchair has massive wooden legs.

– Standard version of the chair has a chesterfield quilting on the backrest, and on the inside of the armrests, thumbtacks tape and one pillow.


Lusso Armchair

Lusso armchair – this is a model from the new Perl Lusso collection. The collection was premiered at the Imm Cologne 2018 Fair. This armchair is the quintessence of convenience and style thanks to the single large slippers that adorn the backrest. Pins are available in three colors: silver, gold and antique. The springs used on the seat make us feel very comfortable sitting on the Lusso chair. This model has armrests, which are located at the appropriate height, allowing for greater comfort and relaxation of the seated.

– Standard version of the chair has single large pins in three colors to choose from: silver, gold and antique.

Fotel Noa, french velvet 662

Noa Armchair

Noa armchair is a model from the new Perl Lusso collection, which premiered at the Cologne Cologne fair, Imm Cologne 2018. The Scandinavian style model on turned legs in different colors to choose from has a profiled and wide backrest. It looks great in modern salons, restaurants or hotels. It is a timeless piece with an original appearance, no one will pass by it indifferently. Noa armchair on the seat has vertical stitching that give it charm.

– The presented model in the picture has a standard stitching on the base as standard.

FotFotel Nora z guzikami w stylu klasycznym

Nora Armchair with buttons

Nora Armchair whith buttons is a classic and elegant model of an armchair, which is decorated with square quilting and buttons. It is an extremely comfortable piece of furniture due to the springs used on the base. It has armrests located on the optimal height for the hands, which increase the comfort of rest. It is a perfect proposition for private interiors and public places.

– standard version of armchair has stitching with buttons on the back.

Fotel Nora wFotel Nora w stylu klasycznym

Nora Armchair

Nora armchair is a classic at its best. Its design is characterized by elegance and simplicity. The backrest which is finished with armrests allows for comfortable laying of hands, and a thick seat equipped with corrugated springs ensures great comfort for the user. Such classic armchair will work in many interiors because of its timeless form – in the office, the living room, as well as the restaurant or cafe.

– standard version of the armchair is smooth

Apollo Armchair

Apollo Armchair is a perfect offer for those who appreciate classical and simple style. Its optimal size makes it an ideal addition for a café, conference hall, waiting room or studio. Its interesting elements are short armrests which ends  in front of the seat.