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Sofa Verona, french velvet 663, 652, złote nogi (1) domartsSofa Verona, french velvet 663, 652, złote nogi (2)

Verona Sofa

Verona Sofa, as the name suggests, is a piece of furniture distinguished by a refined and unique look. It has a wide and thick seat, the springs used in it guarantee the comfort of sitting. The backrest is finished with quilting with buttons. The charm of decorative rolls on the sides and four pillows with buttons inside add charm.

– Standard version sofa has quilted buttons, four pillows and two pillows rollers.

– The standard version has metal legs.

fotel glamGlam

Glam Armchairs

A unique upholstered chair, adorned with a thumbtacks tape. The elegant design on the sides attracts everyone’s attention. The Glam armchair has an extendable backrest and a seat.

fotel nwe looknew look (2)

New Look Armchair

New Look armchair is an extremely interesting piece of furniture suitable for modern interiors. The hole on the back makes it extremely interesting and surprises with its appearance. A wide range of available fabrics will make everyone confidently find the right color for themselves.

Krzesło Ardel (1)Krzesło Ardel (2)

Ardel Chair

Ardel chair has quilting diamonds with buttons. On the backrest and at the bottom of the seat, a snap tape was used to increase attractiveness. It is a classic but original chair that perfectly fulfills its role in the dining room presenting itself beautifully.

Krzesło Emporio (2)Krzesło Emporio (1)

Emporio Chair

Emporio chair it is clasical and comfortable model. It is decorated with pins around the seat and the back of the chair, which beautifully adorns the chair giving it a luxurious appearance. The chair is suitable for all public and private interiors.