Prada Armchair

The Prada chair has a border, wide pleated and well contoured backrest. Furniture from the Scandinavian collection with characteristic conical legs. The best quality material, high-elastic foam, thanks to which the furniture is soft, comfortable and stable. The chair is designed for all private and public utility places. It looks very good. It is quite low, please check the dimensions.

Furniture can be slightly different than that one on the photo.

Additional information

Overall height

76 cm

Seat height

42 cm

Overall width

67 cm

Seat width

50 cm

Overall depth

70 cm

Seat depth

44 cm


9 kg


solid beech wood


highly elastic foam very high density

Możliwe dodatki za dopłatą

Legs in colours: white, silver, golden and patin colours, Nogi w kolorze czarnym + złote końce

Tolerance +/- 2 cm