5 fabrics that were created for upholstery


One model of upholstered furniture can have at least as many kinds as in the manufacturer’s catalog of upholstery fabrics.

Growing popular has got eco-leather which is alternative for expensive and requiring right care natural leather. It is soft and sensitive at touch fabric and also sophisticated. Application eco – leather in project upholstery furniture always introduce at interiors two features – elegant and modern. This fabric is easy to hold at cleanliness. It is also extremly durable and this is another advantage which should be appreciated most of all owner premises through which every day a lot of people are comming.

Persons that are sensitive to the touch of soft, “warm” materials, in the catalog of upholstery fabrics will find, among others, delicate chenille fabrics. Chains consist of acrylic and polyester. These are extremely durable materials designed to cover upholstered chairs and other upholstered furniture such as poufs, armchairs or bar stools.
Another soft, durable, easy to clean, modern and stylish upholstery fabric is alkantara. Such type of fabrics has got a characteristic nap. We can meet it at airplane and luxurious yacht interiors.
In public places, such as: waiting rooms, doctor`s office or cafés the perfect fabrics will be washable fabrics that have been designed to facilitate stain removal and reduce liquid.Their advantages will also be appreciated by the busy mothers whose child treats upholstered furniture as canvas of paintings.
A very stylish proposition for such persons who are looking for upholstery fabrics that imitates the skin of a crocodile. Such kind of upholstery immediately raise the “visual” value of the room.

It depends on how much effort you will need to put in the cleaning of upholstered furniture and after which time the upholstery will require replacement, so while looking for upholstered furniture, pay more attention to the fabrics that were used.


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