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Site Rules

I.Basic information

I.1 Page domartstyl.pl (call further "shop/website www"is lead by:

Piotr Śniegocki DomArtStyl
63-640 Bralin
Chojęcin Szum 8H
NIP 619-155-52-19
regon 250987964

I.2 Use at hereby Regulations definitions mean: 
– Consumer - the person making the purchase in the Shop / Website in order to be unrelated to his business or profession
– Buyer - any person making a purchase at the Shop / Website

I.3 Prize of products present at shop/ website are give in Polsih zloty and has got VAT tax.

I.4 Prices in the shop / site are the prices of furniture in materials from the first price group from the fabric gallery domartstyl.pl. More expensive fabrics at an additional price agreed with the dealer.

II. Ways of ordering.

II.2.1 Buyer can pleace an order for products on mediation website www.domartstyl.eu / www.domartstyl.pl. After earlier put an account at servis e or by e-mail.
WARNING! Change to pleace order you can make to 48 hours after order.
2.2 Personal date Buyer will be only use to aim of realization of agreements if Buyer will give consent on use his personal date also at others aims.

3.1 Buyer has got possibility to make a payment for buy products at three ways:
- by cash – at personal collection
- remittance or credit card at parcel courier
- during collection products at parcel courier
WARRNING: Transport of wholesale ismeasured individually
3.2 Payment must be make on this account :
Dom-Art-Styl Piotr Śniegocki
Chojęcin-Szum 8h
63-640 Bralin
Bank Pekao S.A. PL 87 1240 6928 1111 0000 5605 9357

IV. Returns of goods

IV.1 The сonsumer has got the right to return bought products in 14 working days from it got. At this aim consumer sholuld at this term make a statement about with drawl return undergo price of products. In a casy undergofrom agreement, agreement is considered not included. This what side testify can be return at don't change state or if the change was necessary at borders ordinary management. Term of 14 days in which counsumers can have of agreement it count for give things, but when the agreement concerns profesion of service for the day of it indusion.

IV.2 However possibility of return don1t vested amng others in case of bought of products on properties specified by consumer at affidavit. At special unconditional of return at 14 days don't subject to products on individual custimer order ( furniture on special order of customer specific model, type of wood, colourtion of wood, colour of upholstery). Information about this, that product will be produced in accordind to the characteristic set by buying andwith this it is turn off possibility return buy products on term 14 working days is appear at tranding system before pleace an order. Morover possibilityreturn of productsat 14 working days don1t vasted at case desribed at art.10 ust. 3 act protection of certain right coustomer and responsibility for demage caused by unsafe products that is:
- the provison of service by the coustomers consent before end o term in which was said at art.7 ust.1 act protection of certain right coustmer and responsibility caused by unsafe product
- concernes audio recordings and visual and saved on media computer data after deleted by counsumer its original packing
- agreement benefits in which prize or salary depends only from move of prize on financial market
- benefits identified by counsumer on pleace order or close contect with his person
- benefits for due to the nature can't be returned or which products fast demage.
- deliver the newspaper
- service at glimbing

IV.3 Detailed rights and obligations related to the return of goods are defined in the Act on the protection of certain consumer rights and liability for damage caused by dangerous goods of 2 March 2000. Along with its subsequent changes.

V. Complaints

V.1 The store responds to the Consumer for disclosure within 2 years of the date of purchase of the defect of the product (non-compliance with the contract).

V.2 If defects are found in the purchased products, the consumer has the right to file a complaint. To do so, he / she should inform the Shop of defects within 2 months of their discovery and return defective products to the Store.The consumer can demand that he be brought into a contractual state by free repair or replacement, unless repair or replacement is impossible or costly. In assessing the cost overrun, the value of the contractual goods and the nature and extent of the nonconformity found shall also be taken into account and the disadvantages which the buyer would otherwise have encountered would be taken into consideration.

V.3 Shop answer for complains at 2 weeks for it gave by send answer by register letter or other way, specified by sides.

V.4 The detailed rights anf obligations Siederesulting of complains from title of incompatibility agreement determines statute about special conditions of counsumer sales and change Civil Code of 27th June 2002 with it lates change.

V.5 Buyer who wasn't consumer shop/ website give two year warranty for producent or importer, or if something else results from the detailed description of product at trading system.

V.6 Every compalins can be send on shop/ website address or an e-mail: biuro@domartstyl.pl,

VI. Warranty

VI.1 Side exlude possible warranty if special regulation make different

VII. Final Provisions

VII.1 In case which are outstanding at this Regulation, has got applcation common law in case of collisian regulations priority has got provision forable to buyer.

VIII. Use photo of DomArtStyl company:

VIII.1  An entrepreneur buyer who purchases the goods offered by the Seller within the scope of his business activity, allows the Seller to use the articles for sale free of charge for promotional purposes.This consent concerns photography which entitled to Buyer copywrighting personal and property, possibily law to its spread resultsof acquired license.

IX.Use of servise means acceptance of regulations and cookie politics.

The Seller automatically collects the data contained in the cookie files when using the online store's website. Cookie files are information date especcialy files keeping at ending appliance users destined to use from website. This date let recognize users appliance and adequately shows website match to his individually preference.Cookies usually include the name of the web site from which they came from, their retention time on the end device, and a unique number. Turn on cookies is required to use the store, the store, and the client dashboard, as it has a session mechanism. urn on cookie mechanism is indispensable to use of on – line shop and shopping basket and coustmer panel because on this base works session mechanism. Shop write down information at cookie file about area: ID session, information about visit of shop. Date amass at use cookie file can be took only for to do function to the user. Software which is use to rewievs website implicity enable locate cookie files on ending appliance. This setting can be change in that way to blocked attendance cookie files at setting browser. Detail infrmation about possibility and way attendance cookie files are access at setting web browser.

 Furniture of non-standard dimensions are subject to individual valuation - please contact us by email or phone. Term fo realiztion furniture for custom dimensions take about 26 working days. The required minimum down payment is 30% of the contract value. Term of realization for other furniture takes about 21 working days.

At coustom orders we need a payment for bank account.



In case of change term about delivery by Buyer/ Orderer, company DomArtStyl charge a fee forstorage at cost 1 PLN/ netto for a day. This cost isn't refunable and are taking only in case change term or delivery/ pick up.

 Colouring of wood and fabric colouring: The colours shown in the pictures and in the samplers are illustrative colours and may be differ from the actual ones depending on the monitor settings.