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How to overcome difficult stains on upholstery?

Ink or Indian ink

Stain from so intensive and fast penetrates in upholstery dyecenter how is ink, they disappear only if we remove it in the right way. If immediately we take water with soap we only dilation stain more increase space of dirty and helped dye penetrate deeper in fiber structure. Proper response to ink stain is the use of citric acid, and in the case of furniture covered with skin - toothpaste. If the stain is fresh, the acid can be replaced with sour milk or lemon juice. What about the cleaning detergents? Unfortunately most of them isn`t so universal to help all fabric. If we use strong detergent on soft fabric we can demage it.

Red wine

Red wine stains occur in dining rooms, restaurants, bars and our private homes, so they are certainly not rare. If the stain is fresh, we can use white wine or champagne to fight it, soak up the dirt, then use water and dry it with a cloth and a dryer.

Nail Polish

The nail varnish of the fabric is easiest to remove with the help of a nail remover. However, if we reach for the remover, first let's see how the fabric reacts to its effect. To do this, let's run a test on a barely visible section of upholstery. We can also use solvent, but it is another means that, especially in the case of thin or coloured fabrics, can result in discoloration.After test which was made on small part of upholstery we see that fabric lost its colour in the place when we used solvet or nail remove varnish we have softly detergent water with dish soap or baking soda mixed with warm water. Like you see domestic method to fight with difficult stain on upholstery don`t missing. Unfortunately many of it contacted with risk of discoloration. So if the stain apear on light fabric or is very big and we don`t have any experience in remove it – give the upholstery to special company which to every stain come proffessional, choose the safest and the most effective detergents.