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Pets at home are already welcome

Everyone who has ever had a cat knows what can happen with upholstered furniture, if we just let go of our furry friend for a while. Scratching furniture is a way of manicure, and at the same time pilates - stretching along our favorite chair or sofa, kitten not only blades but also spines the spine.
By doing so, it acts according to what instinct tells him, so it is not worth trying to unleash a cat scratching, but you can move his interest to another object that isn`t pity us.

Insted look like cat demlishes our flat, pick up wallpapers, punch every furniture in upholstery, it`s better to invest in scratching post and encourage to play with new thing to hang on it bag with catnip or using drops of valerian. At the same time, it is worth to discourage any contact with upholstered furniture, spraying them with a special spray acting to scare the cats. At the time of learning, you can also fold the corners of the furniture with two-sided adhesive tape, not forgetting to remove the top of the belt. Cats don`t like when something stict to their paws so encountering that obstade they fast learn to avoid this place.

If you are planning to buy upholstered furniture, you have the chance to choose the material that will not appeal to your cat at once.

The fabric that will be the most resistant to drafting is a dense, smooth alcantara. Our cat certainly will try defeat its opponent but when see, that next attempt of destroyed are unsuccessful and exprience at driving claws in tight weave cotton alcantara, aren`t nice, most likely thought that is time to change its "nailfile" and likely with negleted so far scratching post.

The original alcantara is a fabric whose fibers cover with teflon, which makes it easy to keep the furniture clean, as well as removing the hair that our cat leaves after napping.

What about other fabrics? On some claw marks are less visible, others are only suitable for cover up. Eco-leather at encunter with cat always lose  but are exeptions, when cat avoid this cold and slippery fabric. If happen small scratch at furniture upholstered eco – leather we cantry to fix them with special wax or laquer. If, however, we care about furniture with fabrics that can not cope with cats claws like alcantara before, we order delivery of dream furniture, we must teach the cats to use the scratch.