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Вlue attract us

 Pantone – global institution menagement colours published report about colours, which will be fasion in autumn  - winter 2016/2017season.nIn the combination of the most popular colours appeared two shades of blue – sophicticated, recalling night sky Riverside and bright, little grey – Airy Blue.
These trendy colours will not only use in the catwalk, but also in the interiors. Optimistic blue can be timeless, accompanied by much longer than the clothes of the latest collection.

The perfect complete of the room will be design in marine style, or just use blue wallpapers and paints, decorative accessories for upholstered furniture.

By using the offer of a manufacturer of upholstered furniture from Kępno, Dom-Art-Styl company, you can choose any colour of upholstery fabric, including any shade of blue.
Furniture that is upholstered in blue fabrics will be perfect suit with white, beige and grey colours - exept of upholstered fabrics you have to choose legs in right colouring, for example, white patin, yellow or silver.

Upholstered chairs, bar stools, armchairs, poufs, bar sofas, couches or even quilting walls- you can order it in your favorite shade of blue. Besides you have got a lot of accessories - buttons, trimming, crystals, quilting or characteristic bent legs in Ludwik style. You can order chairs with upholstery legs in blue colour.

As Marek Kościkiewicz sang "only blue pulls us in" and you too get drawn in and learn what it is to relax in the company of beautiful blue upholstered furniture